audiovisual performance at transdisciplina#14 – Klaus Obermaier

annamaria monteverdi/ 5 Maggio, 2019/ NEWS

Excerpts of a 45-minute performance at TRANSDISCIPLINA #14, 
Contenedor Cultural UMA, Málaga, Spain – April 25, 2019
(Please excuse some camera shake due to very low frequencies 🙂

Live electronic with real-time rendering of interactive visuals and sounds / microphone into VCV Rack virtual modular synth and MaxMSPJitter / live camera into MaxMSPJitter for additional textures and interaction / controller: MIRA iPad Pro, Midi Fighter Twister, Sensel Morph. /
VCV Rack virtual modular synth:
– for real-time generated interactive visuals and additional sounds. 
– center for connection and manipulation of interactive data.
MIRA for iPad: 
– build your custom flexible control surface for Max (sounds and visuals).
Sensel Morph: 
– 3D touch controller and skeyboard.
Midi Fighter Twister: 
– 16 quality push encoders in 4 banks (sounds and visuals).