Platform (Finland), Open call for residencies ‘Buffer zones’

annamaria monteverdi/ novembre 22, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

The theme for the 2018/19’ residency program is Buffer Zones: Buffer zones have various purposes, political or otherwise. They can be set up to prevent violence, protect the environment, protect residential and commercial zones from industrial accidents or natural disasters. The organisers invite the artists to contemplate the theme from various angles. Emphasis on the local context through the artistic ideas and

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A new cycle of SIC is starting in Brussels !  CALL FOR PROJECTS SIC 2018 / 2019

annamaria monteverdi/ giugno 3, 2018/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

SoundImageCulture / SIC can make you break up the solitude of developing your audiovisual project on your own. It will open you to new possibilities and a collective that can assist you at different levels. A 16-month-program in Brussels for a maximum of 10 participants : Filmmakers, artists and anthropologists brainstorming collectively on your project, personal mentoring, encounters with international

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annamaria monteverdi/ maggio 21, 2018/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

CORMONS (GO) / 23 GIUGNO  – 1 LUGLIO 2018 ARTEGNA (UD) / 29 GIUGNO  – 8 LUGLIO 2018 . . Il seguente bando, promosso dal Festival Contaminazioni Digitali, è rivolto a singoli artisti, gruppi, collettivi, compagnie interessati a partecipare al Festival proponendo uno spettacolo teatrale multimediale o una performance multimediale da realizzare nella formula della “residenza artistica”. Lo spettacolo/installazione dovrà riguardare il tema

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tosc@paris.2019 – Appel à communications

annamaria monteverdi/ aprile 25, 2018/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

Fondé à Bologne en 2015 sur le modèle des congrès thématiques mondiaux (the Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Baroque Music Conference etc.), tosc@ propose une rencontre biennale rassemblant des chercheurs, des artistes et des passionnés d’opéra de tous les pays. tosc@paris.2019 – Appel à communications Ouvert, itinérant, conçu sans exclusive d’approches, de formes, de genres ni de périodes, le congrès tosc@

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TaPRA 2018 Conference, Aberystwyth University,  5-7 September Performance and New Technologies Working Group CFP: The Digital Performer and Social Media

annamaria monteverdi/ aprile 19, 2018/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES, digital art

Following on from previous working group events and conversations, the aim of the 2018 call is to explore different modes of interaction and intimacy between performers, social media and audiences/participants as well as to investigate new strategies for performer training, rehearsing and performance documentation for the age of the internet. We use the term ‘social media’ in a broader way,

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Call for paper: Theatre and City Pre-existing scenographies. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 27 and 28 September 2018 Institut del Teatre | Barcelona

annamaria monteverdi/ febbraio 10, 2018/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

The journal «Estudis Escènics» of the Institut del Teatre (IT) in Barcelona and the ACM (Critical Analyses of Modernity: Architecture and City) Research Group at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) are holding the International Conference «Theatre and City. Pre-Existing Scenographies» on 27 and 28 September 2018. The Conference seeks to reflect on this issue from related and specific fields

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Call for Papers Critical Care Audience in Immersive, Interactive and One-on-One Performance One Day Symposium

annamaria monteverdi/ gennaio 26, 2018/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

Thursday March 29, 2018 London South Bank University, Centre for Digital Storymaking, London Confirmed Key Note Speakers: Dr Anna Harpin, Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance, University of Warwick Dr Gareth White, Central School of Speech and Drama Critical Care is a Symposium exploring three interweaving topics, linked by the theme of care: How do we take care of our audiences in interactive,

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contributions for a special issue on Performance and VR Practice from The International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media

annamaria monteverdi/ gennaio 23, 2018/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

Virtual Reality technologies have a long and established history. As Oliver Grau recognizes in his seminal text Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion (2003), “the idea of installing an observer in a hermetically closed-off image space of illusion did not make its first appearance with the technical invention of computerised virtual realities. On the contrary, VR forms part of the

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Talos 2018 Science Fiction Theatre Festival – Call for Directors

annamaria monteverdi/ gennaio 22, 2018/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

Cyborphic is currently accepting expressions of interest from theatre directors for Talos 2018: the 2nd Science Fiction Theatre Festival of London. The programme will feature 10-minute plays and longer one-act plays presented over 4 days, 22-25 of March 2018, at the Bread & Roses Theatre in London. If you’re interested in participating in the UK’s only science fiction theatre festival,

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1° concorso nazionale “SINESTETICA” per poesia inedita e videopoesia

annamaria monteverdi/ gennaio 22, 2018/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES, videoarte, videopoesia

SINESTETICA Il concorso, organizzato dal Comune di Pescara in collaborazione dell’Associazione Mira, nasce dal desiderio di promuovere l’incontro fra le molteplici espressioni della creatività per un’idea ambientale (enviromental) e immersiva dell’opera d’arte. Il concorso, oltre a essere rivolto ad autori di qualsiasi nazionalità (con testi poetici in lingua italiana), è aperto alle studentesse e agli studenti delle scuole secondarie di I

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annamaria monteverdi/ gennaio 7, 2018/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

This is a reminder that the deadline to submit your abstracts for the Intermediality in Theatre and Performance Working Group meeting at IFTR 2018 is fast approaching – *15th January 2018*.       Please see the information below on the Theatre and Performance Working Group’s CFP, with suggested topics arising from the conference’s theme (as well as an open call) and details

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PARC: Performing Arts Research Consortium, presents their inaugural event: THE DIRECTOR AND DIGITAL SCENOGRAPHY

annamaria monteverdi/ gennaio 4, 2018/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

@ DAMU Theatre Academy, Prague/Laterna Magika, Prague, Czech Republic Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March 2018 PARC: Performing Arts Research Consortium, presents their inaugural event: THE DIRECTOR AND DIGITAL SCENOGRAPHY Theatre as a collaborative art has been adopting new media throughout its history. The need to implement cutting edge technological innovations into the theatrical event, where live human beings in complex interactions

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Open Call 2018 for visual artists, curators and writers

annamaria monteverdi/ dicembre 2, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

Funded residency With the Artist in Residence programme – that affords opportunities for experimentation to try out new ideas, practices and strategies – SEA Foundation promotes internationally relevant artistic production, research and discussion. SEA Foundation is located in Tilburg, in the south of the Netherlands. SEA Foundation invites applications from visual artist, curators and writers who have a specific project or

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Pro Helvetia > call for performing arts cooperation projects across Europe

annamaria monteverdi/ novembre 22, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia is launching a call for performing arts cooperation projects in Europe in order to foster partnerships between Swiss and other European cultural institutions and organisations in the performing arts field. With the support provided, Swiss cultural institutions and organisations are given the opportunity to expand their professional network and to familiarise themselves with local

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ARTS AT CERN: Open Call for Entries COLLIDE Geneva (Switzerland) / Performance (deadline 15 december 2017)

annamaria monteverdi/ novembre 22, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

Established in 2011, Arts at CERN, the arts programme of the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, engages with art at the cutting edge of scientific research. Arts at CERN and Republic and Canton of Geneva and the City of Geneva joined efforts in 2012 in order to promote the crossovers and dialogs between artists and scientists at CERN.

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CALL FOR PROPOSAL. Feeling Out the Future. An International Platform for Pioneering Ideas

annamaria monteverdi/ novembre 22, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

As an international platform for knowledge transfer, Forecast offers pioneers from anywhere in the world working in various disciplines the chance to work with accomplished mentors toward bringing their projects to fruition, and to present them to the public. Forecast transcends the boundaries of disciplines and genres to provide insight into creative production processes, and makes space for the questions

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Concorso di arte contemporanea per artisti emergenti-scadenza 19 dicembre

annamaria monteverdi/ novembre 22, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

L’Associazione Culturale Smartup Optima bandisce la terza edizione del Concorso omonimo con l’obiettivo di promuovere l’arte contemporanea e sostenere artisti under 40. I premi a bando sono quattro: un premio in denaro, un premio di residenza presso la Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa di Venezia, un premio in forma di visibilità dell’opera e dell’artista. Inoltre, tra tutti i partecipanti al Concorso,

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Paris, Semaine des Arts & Médias 2018

annamaria monteverdi/ novembre 20, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

La Semaine des Arts et des Médias est une manifestation pluri et interdisciplinaire organisée par l’UFR Arts & Médias. Elle vise à faire connaître plus largement les activités de notre UFR et son identité spécifique en matière de formation et de recherche. Cette semaine des Arts et des Médias met en particulier l’accent sur les travaux et réalisations pratiques de

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Sarajevo Winter Festival Open Call Application Deadline November 15, 2017

annamaria monteverdi/ novembre 16, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

Sarajevo Winter Festival  Apply Online –> The International SARAJEVO WINTER Festival is a traditional cultural and artistic event taking place in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. XXXIV SARAJEVO WINTER 2018 Festival will be held under the motto “THE OTHER FACE OF THE WORLD – HERITAGE:::FUTURE“. As every year, Festival represent an encounter of artists from all over the world.

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Call For Papers/Workshops: Innovations in Assessment for Drama, Performing Arts and Musical Theatre One-Day Symposium at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Saturday 3rd March 10am-4pm

annamaria monteverdi/ novembre 16, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES, DIGITAL PERFORMANCE

In the fields of Drama, Performing Arts and Musical Theatre, assessments are often dynamic and exciting moments in the students’ year, with live performances, experimental practice, public facing events, and complex synthesising of theory and practice – all of which can pose significant challenges for students and assessors, and which create a particularly important hot topic when it comes to progression

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IFTR Belgrade 2018 Theatre and Migration Theatre, Nation and Identity: Between Migration and Stasis 9th July – 13th July 2018, Belgrade

annamaria monteverdi/ novembre 13, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

Theatre and Migration Theatre, Nation and Identity: Between Migration and Stasis 9th July – 13th July 2018, Belgrade Studio-laboratory for performing arts, Faculty of Dramatic Arts We hereby invite you to submit your abstracts for the 2018 IFTR World Congress organized by the Studio-Laboratory for performing arts of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. As a city with

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Pomezia Light Festival-la call 2018

annamaria monteverdi/ novembre 5, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES, videomapping

Dopo la sfavillante prima edizione, riparte la call del Festival di luci, videoarte, videomapping di Pomezia. Scadenza 12 gennaio Pomezia Light Festival è uno dei primi festival di light art della Regione Lazio e il primo in assoluto nell’Agro Romano. L’obiettivo del festival è quello di radunare nella cittadina alle porte dell’Agro Romano artisti che, utilizzando nuove e vecchie tecnologie,

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annamaria monteverdi/ ottobre 7, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES, digital art

Athens Digital Arts Festival is an International Festival which celebrates digital culture through an annual gathering bringing together a global community of artists and audiences. Athens Digital Arts Festival encourages, stimulates and promotes all aspects of digital creativity by hosting local as well as international artists and communities.   Event Horizon is the conceivable surface of a black hole, a

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annamaria monteverdi/ settembre 12, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

Le Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques (CQAM) et VYV s’unissent pour offrir à un artiste des arts numériques une résidence d’exploration de nouvelles formes de projection interactive. VYV mettra à la disposition d’un artiste ses ressources humaines, son laboratoire et ses équipements. L’artiste sélectionné pourra aller expérimenter la diffusion de son oeuvre en comptant sur l’appui de techniciens qualifiés pour

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DOCPERFORM SYMPOSIUM: call for submission

annamaria monteverdi/ agosto 20, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

The questions relating to the nature of documents and the processes of documentation are of core interest to researchers in the Department of Library & Information Science, (CityLIS), at City, University of London. One of our projects, DocPerform, aims to consider the documentation of performance and the extent to which performance may itself be considered as a document, from a multidisciplinary perspective.

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Partecipa al Torino Short Film Market

annamaria monteverdi/ luglio 27, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

Il Torino Short Film Market è un evento che nasce per rispondere a un’esigenza al contempo nazionale – la mancanza, in Italia, di un incontro professionale di ampio respiro nel campo del corto – e internazionale: la realizzazione di uno spazio per investimento, creazioni e scoperte che faccia dialogare opere cinematografiche, nuovi media e nuovi formati. Nell’idea del TSFM il

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Open call. Light in Brancaccio, videomapping. Scadenza 15 luglio

annamaria monteverdi/ luglio 13, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES, videomapping

OPEN CALL Il Contest è aperto a tutti gli artisti, di ogni nazionalità, under 35 e la partecipazione è gratuita. Per la selezione dei video verrà nominata commissione composta dal  Prof. Andrea Sciascia, Direttore del Dipartimento di Architettura,  il Marco Mancini referente del comune di Palermo, 10 laureandi della facoltà di architettura, 2 referenti del progetto ed un videomaker. L’artista accetta

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XFORMEET.IT 2017 performers meeting Italia incontro nazionale autogestito della Performance italiana

annamaria monteverdi/ luglio 9, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES, giacomo verde, lucca

Lucca, Centro Agorà, 22 – 23 – 24 settembre 2017 Chiunque si occupi di Performance in Italia (no teatro o spettacolo) può proporre una performance, una discussione, un workshop, una presentazione, iscrivendosi alla mailing list dell’evento inviando una e-mail a: L’incontro si ispira alle modalità auto organizzative sperimentate negli Hackmeeting (raduno autogestito degli Hackers) fin dagli anni ’90: partecipazione

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Pisa robot Film Festival. Concorso.

annamaria monteverdi/ maggio 6, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

Nell’ambito del 1° Festival Internazionale della Robotica che si svolgerà dal 7 al 13 settembre 2017 nella città di Pisa, la start up Robotics Culture S.R.L. – in collaborazione con l’Istituto di BioRobotica della Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa – bandisce un concorso per opere audiovisive che abbiano come tema portante o riferimento esplicito i ROBOT. Sono previste tre sezioni

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