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From the blog an interesting glance on videomapping: see below and from this link.

“This week Moscow witnessed the biggest video mapping show ever performed in history. For the day of the city and it’s own 20-years anniversary Russian Alpha bank prepared a present – a spectacular light and video show that already booked a place in the Guinness book of records.

It was produced by David Atkins and his team at DAE that have created some of the most famous live events that the world has ever seen: the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and the Doha 2006 Asian Games, the Opening, Closing and Victory Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and the Opening Ceremony of Shanghai 2010 World Expo.

Alfa Show 4D showcased a unique combination of 3D projection with live performances, and scenic and special effects with a famous Moscow university skyscraper used as a canvas.

To understand the scope of the event we will just mention some stats:
– 200 trucks full of equipment from several countries of the world;
– 25,500 square meter total projection area;
– 81 hi-tech projection units;
– 40 «Big Lights» projectors which can illuminate the sky for more than one kilometer.
– 1 000 000 (yep, that’s right) watts of sound were installed in 12 acoustics lines and used for over 2,000 cubic meters of iron construction were built, weighing in at more than one million kilos.

While it was very impressive indeed, the size is not always the matter and video projection mapping could be used for many different purposes. Keeping this in mind, we have prepared a short-list showcasing of the best examples and practices.

Architectural mapping

1. Liverpool architectural video projection mapping

Mapping during 100 years anniversary of the Liver Building and grand opening of New Museum of Liverpool by the Macula.

2. The 600 Years

Mapping during 600 years anniversary of the astronomical tower clock situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague.

3. 3D Mapping Projection Cathedral, Devil’s victory at Palma de Mallorca

The popular festival of Saint Sebastian (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) has as its main protagonists fire and devils. More than 1000 performers of 23 groups acted in a performance where devils take over the city for a night. Until projection over Moscow university’s building it was the biggest 3D Mapping projection in Europe, it was over the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca.
It was attended by over 60.000 people, and hundreds of thousands TV viewers saw the virtual destruction of the Cathedral, facade cracked and burst the windows, while a flock of birds appear from the darkness comes the collapse of the temple. Physically at the same time, hundreds of devils with flaming torches conquered the Cathedral.
Produced by Palnoise.

4. Video mapping in Songdo

Produced a few years ago by one of the large scale video mapping pioneers, French-UK collective AntiVJ, it became an instant classic of genre.

Video mapping has also become a popular marketing solution for brands. Here are the some of the best commercial works in our opinion:

1. The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience

Though we still do not understand the tagline of this New York event – “celebration of 10 years of digital innovation by Ralph Lauren” (?! please educate us if we missed some of the Ralph Lauren’s digital breakthroughs), we absolutely love the show – well thought of and executed, it set an example for other brands. For instance, it was an obvious reference for Adidas video mapping a few months later. Unfortunately, we can’t say much else about the latest.

2. Samsung 3D projection mapping

On Thursday the 20th of May 2010, Samsung was the first to introduce a large-scale commercial 3D-Outdoor projection in the Netherlands, at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.
Early adapters and trend setters, Samsung made this event a hugely popular virus video that really made large scale video mapping widely popular across the globe.

3. TimeLess – Net Work Indoor Projection Mapping

NetWork, an international textile brand from Istanbul, launched its 2011 season with an indoor projection mapping night.
There are few things we liked about this event – first of all, the performance venue was a cistern in Istanbul from 4th century which has been constructed during Byzantium Period.
Secondly, at the final of the TimeLess, perfume part of the performance, the new fragrance were sprayed on the audiences for real. Neat!
Interestingly, some additional info is provided by Nota Bene Visual, the show creators in the video description for all of you who would like to know the technical specs: 4x Macbook Pro, 4x Matrox Triplehead2Go Digital Edition, 6x Christie LX1500, 6x Sanyo LP-XP100L.

4. Van Cleef & Arpels presentation

Our friends from Russian Visual Artists (RVA) used indoor video projection mapping for the presentation of the new line of watches of Swiss brand Van Cleef & Arpels.
We liked their theatrical approach to the matter – they have created a fairy tale with no bricks falling out and explosions, which became a common place in most of the works these days.

5. Hyundai Accent 3D projection mapping

That’s a really great project using a real car mounted on the wall, prepared for the launch of Hyundai Accent. Innovative thinking highlights the new slogan brand slogan – “New Thinking. New Possibilities. “One of the rare cases when 3D in the name of the show is really 3D. Cool beans!