annamaria monteverdi/ 6 Gennaio, 2015/ conference

Montréal’s Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] announces the second edition of IX 2015, an international symposium on immersion and experience to be held on its premises from May 20 to 24, 2015. IX welcomes artists, researchers, educators, producers and distributors, so that all share knowledge and experience with immersive and interactive technologies, and the art emerging from them. It also welcomes broader audiences to the world premieres of cutting edge digital works in the SAT’s large dome.

Bringing back the highly praised format of last year, the symposium will be structured around a series of morning keynotes and conversations on the topic of the day, followed in the afternoon by artist talks, demonstrations and poster sessions.

The goals for IX 2015 are:
To present state of the art practices and technologies in digital art, science, design and engineering;
To help foster a critical discourse on immersion and experience;
To contribute to the creation of standards that ease the creation and distribution of groundbreaking works;
To set common goals to accelerate the expansion of this strongly experience-driven medium;
To gather an inspired and vibrant community.

Keynotes programme: 
– DONNA J. COX (Urbana, Illinois – US) : Artist, scientist and professor, she is the director of the Visualization and Experimental Technologies at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). A modern day Leonardo helping to expand mankind’s perceptual and cognitive horizons! She will launch the debate the first day on Expansion topics (expanding the experience of space).

-SCOTT S. FISHER (Los Angeles, Californie – US) : Interaction designer in mobile media, interactive environments and technologies of presence, he is Associate Dean of Research at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and founding Chair of its Interactive Media Division including the Immersive Lab, the Game Innovation Lab, and the Mobile and Environmental Media Lab. A graduate of MIT’s Architecture Machine group, he is well known for his pioneering work in the field of virtual reality at NASA. He will launch the debate the second day on Hybridation topics (techniques and multisensory immersion processes).

-PIERRE LÉVY (Ottawa, Ontario – CA) : Philosopher, cultural theorist and media scholar, he is the Canada Research Chair in Collective Intelligence, a concept he coined in 1994. He is also coding a semantic language (IEML) that will transform our understanding of complex systems. He will launch the debate the third day on Emergence topics (of new conceptual and immersive models).

-RÉMI QUIRION (Montréal, Québec – CA) : He is a world-renowned neuroscientist; the Chief Scientist of Quebec (overseeing the province’s global research agenda and funding) and a champion of transdisciplinary action models. He is attentive to those who break rules and explore disruptive models. He will launch the debate the fourth day on Transcaling topics (in connection with the resulting action models of knowledge and new techniques of immersive experience).