MEDITATIONS curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi Areté Venue and Gallery  67 West St #103, Brooklyn, NY, 

Veronica D'Auria/ agosto 7, 2018/ videoarte

curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi
August 11th 12pm – 4pm
August 12 th  6:30pm – 9:00pm
Areté Venue and Gallery 
67 West St #103, Brooklyn, NY,
11222 929-397-0025
The works of Alessandro Amaducci, Angelica Bergamini, Manuel Diaz, Eleonora Manca, Isabel Pérez De Pulgar and Lino Strangis invite us into a dreamlike journey in order to face the intellectual challenges of this age while trying to re-establish its balance, accepting the necessity to reinvent the world. Something profound seems to be happening in the weakness and darkness of the human condition… sometimes a small breath can change things.
In a world full of solitude, violence, and unbalanced economics, the artists call on their audience to search inside themselves for a new consciousness and equilibrium and to overcome the thresholds of perception and space-time dimensions. These works encourage us to use meditation to negotiate our contemporary spiritual ambivalence: because we live everyday between existing and non-existing, between living and non-living, between being seen and being invisible.
1. Angelica Bergamini, Will you fight or will you dance, 2012
2. Angelica Bergamini, Meditation, 2016
3. Angelica Bergamini, Untitled, 2016
4. Lino Strangis, Running in sub-atomic meditation, 2017
5. Alessandro Amaducci, Post Rebis,  2016
6. Isabel Pérez Del Pulgar, Acciones Nómadas, 2016
7. Eleonora Manca, Vedersi visti (da qui, sottrai), 2018
8. Eleonora Manca, Data in luce, 2018
9. Manuel Diaz, I Am (The ship goes), 2016
 Later in the day at 7pm is an improv set featuring Markus Reuter (Berlin), Mark Wingfield (London), Tim Motzer (Philadelphia), and Doug Hirlinger (NYC/Philadelphia) in a guitar trio plus drums. The late set starting at 9pm is a talent-packed quadruple bill: 2018 SUMMA SLAM featuring Ikue Mori solo, Peter Evans’ new ensemble “Being & Becoming”, vocalists/noise artists Andrea Pensado (on tour) / Charmaine Lee, and percussionist Chris Strunk (on tour).