miguel chevalier magic carpet in Milton Keynes

annamaria monteverdi/ 27 Luglio, 2016/ digital art, FOCUS

from Designboom.com


in the british town of milton keynes, miguel chevalier has installed a generative and interactive virtual-reality installation that creates an immersive atmosphere of color and shapes. ‘magic carpet’, a project first presented in 2014, comprises a spectrum of multicolored graphic scenes composed of thousands of patterns, pixels, cells, and geometries. visitors are invited to explore and walk on the kaleidoscopic carpet, changing its characteristics as they move around the space.

miguel chevalier: ‘magic carpets’ 2016, milton keynes, UK
film © claude mossessian

commissioned by the 2016 milton keynes international festival, ‘magic carpets’ fills the floor of middleton hall in centre:MK over the course of the 10-day festival — on from now throughout july 24, 2016. in its design, miguel chevalier has drawn from the iconic shapes associated with milton keynes’ cityscape, featuring patterns that come alive, blend together and create new and surprising compositions.