Open Call 2018 for visual artists, curators and writers

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Funded residency

With the Artist in Residence programme – that affords opportunities for experimentation to try out new ideas, practices and strategies – SEA Foundation promotes internationally relevant artistic production, research and discussion. SEA Foundation is located in Tilburg, in the south of the Netherlands.

SEA Foundation invites applications from visual artist, curators and writers who have a specific project or period of work to focus on, and for whom this dedicated time is invaluable. The individually shaped residencies include bespoke mentoring.

The aims are:

• To support the production of art and the theory of art
• To evoke discourse on art and art practices within a local and global context
• To promote and relay critical and researched based production of art
• To facilitate exchange between art intermediaries and artists, creating an expert network


Artistic merit is the basis for selection. All applications will be judged a panel consisting of SEA Foundation team members that is complemented by international advisors*.


1 week – 3 months

Residencies can take place from:

• February – June
• September – November

Funded by SEA Foundation:

• Studio and private living quarters
• Heating, water and electricity
• 4 hours per week bespoke mentoring and training
• Use of shared kitchen and common residency rooms
• WIFI everywhere on the premises
• Breakfast
• Use of workshop and equipment
• Use of art-related library
• Interaction with local peers and other residents
• Office facilities and printers
• PR activities
• Free parking (road side)
• Bike on loan

Additional stipends:

• Stipend of 200 per week
• Production budget 1500 euro depending on project costs

Paid by the resident:

• Travelling
• Personal expenses

SEA Foundation hosts residencies for the benefit of Curatorial Practice, Visual Arts, and Writing. To shape SEA Foundation’s expanded residency programme further an Advisory Committee has been brought together. This committee is composed of artists, critics, and curators who continuously push the boundaries of their fields. In their advisory capacity, the experts share knowledge development and initiate introductions that benefit both the residents and the programme. This is how we keep SEA Foundation abreast of interesting developments in the field of contemporary art.