Pro Helvetia > call for performing arts cooperation projects across Europe

annamaria monteverdi/ Novembre 22, 2017/ CALL/OPPORTUNITIES

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia is launching a call for performing arts cooperation projects in Europe in order to foster partnerships between Swiss and other European cultural institutions and organisations in the performing arts field. With the support provided, Swiss cultural institutions and organisations are given the opportunity to expand their professional network and to familiarise themselves with local scenes and the working methods of their peers in other European countries. They are also given the possibility of enhancing their own artistic practice through new forms of collaboration.

Eligible for support are both new initiatives and existing projects and networks which are due to be initiated or intensified between 2018 and 2020 and which aim for sustainable, long-term structural cooperation. Preference is given to cooperation projects that are based on exchange and in which the share of resources, know-how and networks made available is evenly spread among the partners.


· Projects from the following disciplines may be submitted: theatre, dance, literary and visual art performance, contemporary music theatre, contemporary circus.
· The application must be submitted by a Swiss cultural institution or organisation that intends to launch or intensify cooperation with European partners.
· As a rule, the project must involve at least three partners. Cooperation projects between two partners can be taken into consideration in well-founded cases, e.g. if evidence of a clear strategy for the development of a larger network in future is provided.
· All partners contribute to the cooperation project in equal measure in terms of content, operations and financing in relation to their possibilities.
· The cooperation is appropriately co-funded by the European partners. The maximum amount per cooperation project granted by Pro Helvetia is CHF 80,000.
· The first public presentations (events, publications, etc.) resulting from the cooperation must be staged or issued before the end of 2020.
· Not eligible are one-off initiatives such as tours or co-productions, or projects conducted in a university environment.

Deadline: 1 March 2018