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Visualia Festival is a free-of-charge event organized and presented by Sonitus Association and Tourism Office Pula.

In 2013, the Festival proudly started the tradition of sustainable presentation of innovative works in the field of audiovisual, visual and performative art with the aim of enhancing, with the help of modern technology and high-quality equipment, the city’s cultural and artistic capacity by showing its qualities and its beauty in the best possible way.
Thanks to huge public interest and community support, we keep fighting prejudices towards everything that is new and we continue bravely forward with public promotion of light art while celebrating our sixth year of work.

Visualia festival è il primo festival delle luci in Croazia che presenta tutta la magia e la bellezza di tecnologie nuove e arti audiovisive, e fa di Pola uno specifico brand.

Il festival si è tenuto per la prima volta nel 2013 con un 3D mapping e ogni anno il suo programma diventa sempre più ricco. Già l’anno seguente sono stati presentati i Giganti luminosi, le gru del cantiere navale Uljanik, che hanno dato una nuova personalità alla città. Nel 2015, presso l’Arena, è stato battuto il record del Guinness dei primati nella categoria per la fotografia con il maggior numero di persone disposte a forma di un segno luminoso, chiamato Light Postcard. Nel 2016 il Visualia festival è stato incluso nel calendario dei festival mondiali delle luci.

Durante i tre giorni del suo svolgimento, il festival polese delle luci ospita all’incirca diecimila visitatori che si godono esperienze ed emozioni indimenticabili e nuove.

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[SEPTEMBER 13 – 15]

You know that feeling you get towards the end of summer when days are getting shorter and you think that everything is over? Right then we will awake new sensations in you and offer you an unforgettable experience because this year, also, we are kicking off our programme in autumn – a perfect season for enjoying evening strolls and magic of light.


We love Pula and venues located in the old town, but we also like to approach them with innovative ideas. Therefore, during three days we will revive all major city venues and transform historical and cultural buildings. Which venues and how many of them? Don’t worry, we are preparing a detailed Visualia map, which will help you organize your own lighting itinerary. 😉

_ VISUALIA Best Off_

_ Visualia is interactive _
_ Visualia is innovative _
_ Visualia offers unforgettable experience _

This year’s Festival concept will offer the best from all previous four years plus all fifth year’s novelties of which we have to mention the night lighting race “Pula X” organized by the Association of Kinesiologists of Pula.
Shortly, we created a programme that ensures_
the largest number of venues, the best artists, the best 2D&3D Video Mappings and of interactive and lighting installations. Moreover, you must not miss the spectacular lighting performances and shows!

Sounds interesting and you want to be informed on time?

That is what this event is for – to help you find all Festival information! So be active, follow us, invite your friends because we have many surprises prepared and we can’t wait to see you all!
🙂 🙂