What is épica? #FuradelsBaus

Veronica D'Auria/ 7 Ottobre, 2018/ NEWS


Throughout 36 years La Fura dels Baus has developed a method that goes beyond individualities and is articulated around collective work and amalgamation of talent. Now, via Èpica, La Fura wants to project both its creative solvency and its method’s success through a center that reunites learning and experiencing when it comes to creative projects.

Èpica starts out from a central idea: learning is the result of sharing knowledge and experiences. That is why it will build itself on the collective work of different creators, professionals, technicians and scientists who will carry out projects which will later be validated by society through their exhibition.


Èpica Foundation’s headquarters are located in an old industrial building remodeled according to the center’s operations. It has several spaces prepared to carry out all kinds of activities, workshops and performances, from a large central room where group exercises are practiced to various areas, corridors and basements through which the audience is walked around during the shows. It is a space in a state of constant improvement that continues to grow and transform with each new activity.

Workshop #09 03/12/2018

Information vs Memory

Based on previous research carried out by various entities specialized in different disciplines, workshop participants will develop a polivocal work that will culminate in a final performance before an audience.