Workshop free of charge Principles in acting by Tomi Janežič at Napoli Teatro Festival

annamaria monteverdi/ Aprile 25, 2018/ Tomi Janezic

The Fondazione Campania dei Festival (ITALY), for this upcoming XI edition of the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia 2018, scheduled for the second year from 2nd July 8th 2018 in Naples, under the artistic direction of Ruggero Cappuccio, gives importance to the workshop activities on dramatic art, bringing together ‘masters of the stage’ along with young talents in order to create a shared knowledge across different cultures.

Notice of workshop admissions PRINCIPLES IN ACTING about Psichodrama supervised by Tomi Janežič and organized by Anna Maria Monteverdi (University of Milano)

The workshop will be free of charge  and open to a maximum number of 30 participants. 

deadline: 7th May at 10 a.m.

download the form: 
For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me
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