A transmedial story experience: the augmented book Sherwood Rise

annamaria monteverdi/ Aprile 26, 2018/ augmented reality

The first  ‘future of the book’ projects by DAVE MILLER. It’s a transmedia story told over 4 days, through emails and newspapers and mobile phones running augmented reality.

It’s an update to the Robin Hood story, commenting on the state of things in the UK.

To read the story, please start here: http://davemiller.org/ar/truth/

Sherwood Rise – the Augmented Book


This is a research collaboration between Dave Miller, Dave Moorhead and Professor Alexis Weedon, at the University of Bedfordshire, UK.

The project is part of the UNESCO ‘Crossing Media Boundaries: Adaptations and New Media Forms of the Book’.

For further information, please visit my project blog: http://augmentedwonder.blogspot.co.uk


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