Augmented Art/Theatre. Koniclab & Visualia for my essay on Archée- ARTS MÉDIATIQUES & CYBERCULTURE

annamaria monteverdi/ Dicembre 6, 2019/ NEWS

Architectural mapping, façade projection, 3D projection videomappingdisplay surfacesarchitectural Vj set are some of the definitions used for a new artistic format and a new technique that consists in projecting video images on buildings, façades, and other structures in public spaces (but also in theatres and museums) or on nearly any kind of complex surface or 3D object to shatter the viewer’s perception of perspective. The projector allows bending and highlighting of any shape, line or space. It creates astonishing optical illusions–a suggestive play of light that turns a physical object into something else by changing its perceived form. The context is that of so-called “augmented reality.” 

L’articolo integrale qua:

NB. Le immagini 4 e 5 sono di KONIC LAB videomapping PROCESSUS

The images 4 and 5 are by KONICLAB, videomapping Processus


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