“FacePRO” : high-precision facial recognition software by Panasonic

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“FacePRO” is high-precision facial recognition software that features a core engine with top-tier face recognition performance. It enables recognition in situations that are difficult with conventional face recognition technology, such as when the face is tilted up to 45 degrees to the left or right or 30 degrees up or down, or when the face is partially hidden due to sunglasses, etc. This can also be used in conjunction with the i-PRO EXTREME series of Panasonic network cameras, which include “iA (intelligent Auto) mode” image sensing technology for capturing the optimal images for face authentication, and enabling face information to be directly extracted by the camera and sent to the server (called the “Best Shot” function). This enables reduced network traffic and server load, reduced operation and equipment costs, and faster face authentication processing.

DAL SITO WEB https://www.security.us.panasonic.com/technologies/facepro

FacePRO Main Features

Face Matching

One of the major advantages of the Facial Recognition Solution is the level of control it gives you from a central point of management.
Thanks to the direct connection between camera and server, you can control and gather insight from up to 20 remote cameras from one server, at the same time. With face matching and visual analysis carried out by the system in real time, your operator can easily access any recorded images related to that face or customer, via the GUI in their monitoring software.

– When it is matched with registered people, alarm of face matching is output in real-time, and display an alarm history in the list.
 Specified screen image can be played back on control monitor with double-clicking on an alarm history.

Face Search

The facial recognition software runs silently in your system, collecting data on each face that it detects; this data is then stored within an easily accessible database.
A user will then be able to access this database, and will be given the option to select a particular face. With this functionality, the user can choose to set an alarm to be sounded upon future detection of this subject, or simply track a particular person’s movements in chronological order throughout all of the cameras in the system.

 Face images that camera detected are stored, and it can be searched later.
– By searching the face DB, you can display the result of each cameras in chronological order and find movement locus of persons.
 Specify camera or date in detected face images and display the result in the list in similarity order.

Face Registration Up to 30,000

People Counting, Age and Gender Statistics

The software also features an analytics section. In this area, a user is given the ability to analyse statistics such as people counting, and also allows them to detect age and gender. The system will then display the relevant information in an accessible manner.

 Count people of detected face and evaluate their age and gender.
– Display the result on the screen with statistical graph.
 The statistical data can be saved as a CSV file for analytical use.

Basic System Connection Example

The processes involved with the use of the software can be seen in the images below.

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