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From 22 to 24 of July GIRONA (SPAIN) celebrates the FIMG 2016, a free festival that weaves the cultural value of Girona with the contemporary cretion through the innovation and audiovisual arts.

 The FIMG includes the III International Mapping Competition – with a new category, eleven prizes valued in more than 28.000 € and three popular votation prizes-, and the II International Light and Mapping Congress, a space for debate and reflection for professionals, artists and students of the sector.

 The themE of the FIMG 2016 is abour the landscapes.

 The FIMG 2016 keeps the same structure than the last edition: the III International Competition of Mapping, with projections of the selected artistic proposals in some of the most representative facades of the city, and the II International Mapping Competition, a space for dialogue and reflection dedicated to professionals of the sector.


CaixaForum Girona welcomes the II International Light and Mapping Congress organised by the International Mapping Festival of Girona is a place for discussion and reflection — an event to witness the talent of artists in the sector, discover the latest innovations and learn various techniques. It aims to foster the exchange of knowledge and expertise in an environment for developing professional ties.

The Congress targets sector professionals and students (artistic and technical) as well as anyone interested in the subject — advertising agencies, designers, set designers, museum and videoart professionals, tourist boards and economic promotion departments, private companies, etc.

Projection mapping is a widely established technique. It is applicable in many fields for artistic expression as well as for commercial and tourism purposes. It is used on buildings and clocks, on opera set designs and dance shows, in indoor installations or on outdoor vegetation, in music clubs and art galleries.  It offers increasingly greater possibilities, and the technological advances open horizons unimaginable until now.

 DATESWorkshops: 19 and 20 July from 10am to 19pm, July 21 from 10am to 14pm.
Congress: July 21, 15: 30h to 19h, 22 and 23 July morning and afternoon (check schedules).


The contents, focusing on mapping applications, are structured as follows:

. Workshops: theoretical and hands-on sessions.
. Talk: presentations on various subjects related to projection mapping.
. Meet the artist: informal talks where artists explain their work and experience.
. Technical: sessions for discovering the latest technical innovations in the sector.
. Discussion panel: round table featuring various experts.
. Showroom: venue for showcasing the work of companies and artists.
. Screening: continuous projection of the best international mapping projections.

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Founder of the prestigious collective AntiVJ. The work of Lemercier is about the lighting projection and how it transforms the space and changes the perception of reality. Lemercier has worked with artists like Flying Lotus an Adrian Utley of Portishead, between others, and has shown his work in the Digital Art Museum of Pekín, Art Basel  and the Sundance Film Festival.

Spanish visual artist living in the south of France, developes artistic projects with the light as a raw material, where he dialogues with the space, the time and the perception. His work is an overlap of that physical and virtual, a solution of the boundary between reality and perception and a creation of mental spaces for the observer where the most important is the subjective experience. He has done exhibitions in galleries and biennial shows, and has done public conferences in Europe, Asia and America. 

Cofounder of The Macula audiovisual brand and of the Signal, the festival of videomapping, light projections and installations that takes place in Praga in October.

They are members of the Playmodes audiovisual research studio. They were rewarded in 2014 with the Laus de Oro award in the audiovisual category for their work Taull1123, a project that recovers with virtual technology the romanic paints of the Sant Climent de Taüll church. The studio works in the creation of interactive immersive installations, mapping and graphics with movement.

He has designed scenography for such renowned artists like Richie Hawtin, between them the Enter project, or The Objekt, with the alias of Plastikman Live, the monumental obelisk premiered in the Guggenheim of New York and presented, among other places, in the Sónar festival.

He has worked for more than 20 years in the digital sector, is creative director, curator, comissioner and writer. He is also cofounder and director of Onedotzero, a cultural digital production company that works to create experiences that merge art, entertainment and technology.
Ha trabajado durante más de 20 años en el mundo digital, es director creativo, curador, comisario y escritor. Es cofundador y director de Onedotzero, productora cultural digital que trabaja para crear experiencias que fusionan el arte, el entretenimiento y la tecnología. 

FILIP STERCKX (BE) és membre d’Skullmapping, estudi d’animació belga especialitzat en projectes de mapping, experiències de realitat virtual i hologrames.
He’s member of Skullmapping, a Belgian animation studio specialized in mapping projects, virtual reality experiences and holograms.
Es miembro de Skullmapping, estudio de animación belga especializado en proyectos de mapping, experiencias de realidad virtual y hologramas. 

Is a festival of artistic performances focused on video and sound in real time. Its aim is show and debate about new techniques and concepts of the contemporary audiovisual scene. 

He is a musician and takes part of the renowned visual label AntiVJ, to whom he creates the soundtracks of the audiovisual installations.
Visual creators group born in the 2000 in Barcelona that works to spread the innovations in artistic languages thanks to new audiovisual technologies. Telenoika supports emergent artists through the formation, aids for research and activities that create new creative dynamics through the audiovisual experimentation.
He is urban art curator and culture responsible of Montana Colors, leader brand in the production of spray paint for graffiti’s and fine arts. Founder of Kognitif, international network of creators and professionals that develope projects in public spaces, Poch will explore through different urban artists that work and understand the plastic concept of light. 
He is digital creator, investigator in the interactivity field and musical producer. Works as a coordinator and project director in the interaction lab of Hangar in Barcelona, and developes projects as an independent multimedia producer. He also collaborates in collectives like Dorkbot Barcelona or Neuronoise group.
She is an independent digital art producer, creative director and curator. From 2009 she is working connecting artists, festivals and cultural actors. As a producer, she has collaborated in a wide range of projects with international artists in the cultural and business field. She is agent of artists like Joanie Lemercier, Guillaume Marmin, Equipo de vacío and Herman Kolgen, among others. 
He is 3D artist specialized in video mapping projection. After collaborating with the main international artists of mapping under the name of Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists, Bordos works with installations and projections for theatres and operas. 

She is artistic director of the NU2’S association, audiovisual producer and curator. She focuses her work on dance and scenic arts, she has directed documentaries of dance and events like the VAD festival in Girona or IDN in Mercat de les Flors. She is a teacher in Institut del Teatre and in the Conservatori de Dansa María de Ávila of Madrid. Awarded in 2009 with the National Dance Prize of Generalitat de Catalunya. 

She’s director of the audiovisual studio Nuevojos. Art director, multimedia artist and illustrator, in 2011 she won the National Prize of Culture of Catalunya grant by CoNCA in the audiovisual category. Nueveojos has created mapping for FC Barcelona, Casa Batlló of Antoni Gaudí, among others. 
They are cofounders of Hand Coded, a visual arts studio, interactive installations and live shows. Cyril is doctor in musical technology and investigates the music emotions. Maya studies how technology can generate emotions and creates algorythms to generate designs, interactions or animations. 
The congress will also offer a conference dedicated to Beca Bòlit granted by the Centre d’Art Contemporani de Girona. The conference will be attended by Carme Sais, director of Bòlit, and the artists Rafael Triana, winner of the 2015 Bòlit scholarship, and Alex Popa, winner of the 2016. Their pieces will be exhibited in FIMG 2016 and 2017.


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