GLOW Festival 2014. Videomapping open call

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The GLOWFestival is an annual festival dedicated to a particular form of augmented reality: the Videomapping and is curated by Primitivi Digitali Association andgloWArp Studio. First edition was made with Magmart Festival of Naples. From 2014 comes to life with his second stand-alone edition and starts from the town of Ostuni (Italy). The GLOWFestival aims to enhance the majority of indoor cultural heritage and make it possible for anyone to be fascinated by this technique. is a tribute to the light and its artistic implications. It will be a traveling festival and will be hosted in archaeological sites, in museums, in churches and in all the municipalities sensitive to the promotion of cultural heritage with innovative techniques and cutting edge.


Create four minutes of a project using the technique of video mapping on a free theme which will be screened on Church of St. Vito Martire, home of Museum of Civiltà Preclassiche della Murgia Meridionale. The aim is to draw attention to and promote the work through a technique of contemporary art. GLOWFestival is open to artists from all over the world. Participating is free.

 By submitting the registration form, the artist accepts all the rules. The jury’s verdict is incontestable. All sent materials will not be return, and will be stored in theGLOWFestival’s archive like as documentation. Sending the participation form, the artist fully accepts the present rules. The Jury verdict is incontestable. The artist accept that his videos will be broadcasted online and offline, on the site of GLOWFestival and become part of archive, and can be screened in the same place in another part of year, with exclusion of any commercial use.

 Still-frame from videos can be freely used for the GLOWFestival communication, mentioning title and author of artwork. All rights on videos remain property of author. The author asserts, under his/her own liability, the complete right of use on used material (images, sounds, videos) and that compose the artwork; the author completely undertakes the liability for any breach of copyright laws. The omission, or the incorrect filling, of one or more parts of form itself, will involve the exclusion of video by selection of Jury. It is strictly forbidden to embed any real or fictitious advertisements in the work either openly or indirectly, i.e. it is forbidden to feature any product, brand, name, logo or recognizable image, or text, etc., and/or any mark or symbol suggesting whose work it is. Entries that do not meet these requirements will be rejected automatically. The language for submission of applications is in English. Please read the rules carefully before sending the job.

 °° Videos that do not meet the constraints imposed by the mapping file and the technical requirements will be rejected automatically without communication to the author °°


Only the videos received within 12 am (Time of Rome) of 10th April 2014 will be accepted. We cannot accept any entries submitted after the deadline.


Theme is free as long as you create a visual story that has coherence and meaning. No random effects (especially collapses). GLOWFestival will support the most innovative proposals which introduce different ideas, that have never seen before.


The day of 12th April on the official website will be published the final list of selected works which will be screened during the events planned for 19th and 21th at Church of St. Vito Martire in Ostuni, Italy. On the evening of 19th April, the jury will select the three winners that will be announced the next evening. We have prizes for top 3 and critics prize:

1# Resolume VJ Software / Arena Boxed Version – one license;

2# Millumin – one license;

3# Resolume VJ Software / Avenue Boxed Version – one license;

Critic’s Prize: CoGe & Vezér – one license to software;


 Altar of the Church of San Vito Martire in Ostuni, Italy.



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