INITI, “Anticodes” by Braňo Mazúch

annamaria monteverdi/ Novembre 5, 2017/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE, interactive theatre

Anticodes is interactive, visual and dance production based on Václav Havel’s collection of experimental poetry from 60’s of the same name. Laterna Magika’s classic and typical use of film footage is replaced in Anticodes by projection and sounds from live sources. The production introduces real-time animations to Laterna Magika, which detects people or objects in pre-determined zones. Here are some scene previews introducing these interactive principles. Tecnica multitouch detection.

Concept: Braňo Mazúch, Dan Gregor
Stage director: Braňo Mazúch
Interactive projections: Dan Gregor
Choreography: Věra Ondrašíková
Music: Filip Míšek, Michal Nejtek
Sound-design: Stanislav Abrahám
Light-design: Patrik Sedlák
Software programing: Jakub Koníček
Costumes: Kristýna Javůrková

The making of


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