LA MARÉE DE LA MÉMOIRE-la mostra di Marzio Emilio Villa sul magazine della Leica (e sul blog) con intervista

annamaria monteverdi/ Gennaio 8, 2020/ NEWS

Muted colours, with a light touch of sepia – for many decades this is what photographs of shared family memories looked like. But what if those memories and the pictures connected to them are not real? What if the people that might have made up a particular family, never actually knew each other – as in the case of the photographer, Marzio Emilio Villa? Villa was three months old when he was adopted from Brazil by his Italian parents. He never knew his bio-logical parents. He never tried to know who they were. Even so, it would seem as though he wanted to use photography to give form to this empty hole in his past, and so to create his own story.

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