“Light can be also choreographed. Light can be there like human body”. Interview to Hiroaki Umeda, Digitallive/RomaEuropa.

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Digitallive 2019 è arrivata alla sua seconda edizione con la direzione di Federica Patti e ha fatto il tutto esaurito con le performance tecnologiche e gli AV inseriti nella programmazione. Franz Rosati, Ultravioletto, Marco Donnarumma e Hiroaki Umeda

Il coreografo/performer giapponese HIROAKI UMEDA ideatore di questa straordinaria opera d’arte visuale oltre che di danza interattiva
Media+Intensional Particle ci racconta qualcosa del suo potente e immersivo “solo” per Digitallive dove la danza è guidata dalla luce e viceversa. Intervista “minimal” come lo stile delle sue performance 🙂

Anna Monteverdi I was impressed for the perfect balance between technologies and “performance text”, or coreography. A very direct and immersive experience for the audience. Can you describe how you have succeed in getting it?

Hiroaki Umeda: The every element of the piece is equivalent. Nothing is more important than other. So human body is not more important than other in the piece. And my artistic approach is how I can deal with all the elements of the pieces to create unity with them. That is like orchestra in the music. Each elements of the piece is one of instruments of orchestra. Also I believe that all things which have movement can be choreographed as the definition of the choreograph for me is the composition of movement. All the elements in the piece can be choreographed.

Anna Monteverdi: The content drives technology. I had a sensation that You wanted to comunicate the birth of the life thanks to intermolecular forces, the transformation of the life like as a phisical process, the destiny as a question of molecular aggregation, cluster and crystals of cluster.
Is it a way for describing life in a technological way?


Hiroaki Umeda To be honest, I had some theme behind in the piece that I normally don’t say officially. I got inspired a lot by science story or knowledge. Thanks to you for pointing out that and reading my piece like that.

Anna Monteverdi: How does the interactive technology work?

Hiroaki Umeda:That is what I have been trying to use for 15 years. It is actually not easy to use interactive technology in my performance.
Because if you need precise time composition, the interactive tech is not really for that. But now I have found the way I use them for my performance. I will do that in my next solo.

Anna Monteverdi: I feel as it could be two parts of the performance as a sort of stoytelling or dramaturgy related to different technology.
Is it right?
Hiroaki Umeda: I would say that what I do in my art is to realise my artistic aesthetics. For that, I use some technology.
The theme of the performance is not about technology itself. But I use them as the way to approach to realise my art.

Anna Monteverdi: You are also a lighting designer: how all these tecnologies could unite together in a stage for expressing somthing deep, trasmitting something interior as you have made?

Hiroaki Umeda Light can be also choreographed. Light can be there like human body.

Anna Monteverdi How is nowaday the role of the technologies in the theatre? Does the spectator ready for accepting the new interactive media?I am asking this question because we can see your works in Electronic art festival but rarely in theatre.

Hiroaki Umeda: I have an impression that electronic art or music people are more open. Still many of the audience of theatre are expecting theatre performance. I can understand that. But it will be soon that technology performance become normal in theatre and people see them not as special thing.

Anna Monteverdi
. Which is to your opinion the best result/artist in the digital performance /network performance now?

Hiroaki Umeda: I think the most of the artist who are already successful in their field are great result in their way. My personal preference is artists who are focusing art instead of just focusing on using technology.

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