On line il nuovo numero di Body Space& Technology Journal.

Annamaria monteverdi/ Marzo 8, 2021/ NEWS

La prestigiosa rivista di studi teatrali e tecnologici Body Space & Technology (BST) nata nel 2000 e dal 2007 sulla piattaforma OLH, è on line con il nuovo numero (n.20, 2021). E’ possibile accedere da qua.

Joint Editors in Chief:

  • Sue Broadhurst, Brunel University London, United Kingdom, Professor Emeritus and Honorary Professor in the Department of Arts and Humanities (Brunel University, London)

Di seguito gli articoli:

Sue Broadhurst, Hybridity and Experimental Aesthetics in the Performances of Anne Imhof

Marleena Huuhka, Performing Gameplay – A Study of Video Game Performance Workshops

Mariza Dima Affectual Dramaturgy for Augmented Reality Immersive Heritage Performance

Anna Monteverdi Metamorphosis of the Stage: Elsinore and The Ring by Robert Lepage

Jeremy Neideck , Shane Pike, Kathryn Kelly,Kat Henry, The Iconography of Digital Windows—Perspectives on the Pervasive Impact of the Zoom Digital Window on Embodied Creative Practice in 2020

Hossein Parsinejad, Insook Choi, Mohammad Yari, Production of Iranian Architectural Assets for Representation in Museums: Theme of Museum-Based Digital Twin

Riad Salameh Disintegrated Bodies – From Cyborg Microcelebrities to Capital Flow: A Post-Phenomenological Investigation of Disembodiment

Claire Vionnet The Birth of Gesture. ‘I’m not dancing alone’

Julie Watkins Enhancing Artistic Practice through Integrating Strategies for Preservation into the Work

Xinyian Zhao Playfulness, Realism and Authenticity in Cultural Presence: A Case Study of Virtual Heritage Players

La videoperformance di Sophie Swoffer THE BIG MOUTH


Il team editoriale è composto da molti studiosi internazionali di teatro e tecnologia. Qua il link

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