Pomezia Light Festival Call for proposal

annamaria monteverdi/ Novembre 15, 2016/ Festival, videomapping

Pomezia Light Festival is one of the first Festival of Light Art that takes place in Lazio and the first ever been in the Agro Romano. The Festival of the small town near Rome aims at gathering those artists who make of light their main way of expression, by using new and old technologies. This type of event is particularly suited to a dual action at a urbanistic level: on the one hand the enhancement of places, buildings, particularly interesting structures and on the other the critical re-reading of architectural problematic situations.

Our purpose is to create in the city of Pomezia a reference point for artists interested in this type of events, in order to share and facilitate the discovery of this new-born form of producing art and entertainment through digital technology and its use.

The first edition invites artists to reflect on a contemporary topic and to produce design proposals based on these reflections. The central theme is augmented reality, as enhanced perception of the reality that surrounds us. This perceptual growth takes place when the information received is increased or decreased in content, through an intervention of mechanical and technological kind.

The call is open to all! Download the files and find out how to take part in the first edition of Pomezia Light Festival!



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