Projection mapping for the Museum of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia by Aleksey Korneev

annamaria monteverdi/ Novembre 5, 2017/ videomapping

Final version
Final version
What we did
We have done:
*    Modeling a 3d House of Mertens
*    Modeling 9 cars and fire trucks as well as animating them
*    Animating 15 character models
*    VFX animation of fire, smoke, water and glass
*    Sound design courtesy of our mutual friend
First prototype sent to client
Reference test animation
Preparation for video projection mapping
3D Modeling and compositing of House of Mertens
Setting up simple car animations
Creating smoke and fog animations
Animating windows shattering
Creating fire animations for later use inside the building
Video showing first test animation for a fireman model
Fireman test animation
3D Modeling fire trucks
Compositing main scene
First foot step animatic to client
Foot step animation
Working with fire trucks animation
Compositing of the final scene
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