Tommaso Rinaldi aka HighFiles vince il premio speciale al prestigioso 1 minute Projection Mapping

annamaria monteverdi/ Gennaio 18, 2019/ videomapping

Il festival  1minute Projection Mapping, a MIYAZAKI è probabilmente il più importante festival di videomapping in area asiatica.

Il tema di quest’anno era : myth & fable. Dopo una prima selezione a cui hanno partecipato 150 lavori circa, solo 18 (+1 in un secondo step) sono stati selezionati per la finale che si svolgeva tra l’1 e il 3 gennaio

Tra questi TOMMASO RINALDI, artista torinese docente alla Alma Artis Academy di Pisa che si è aggiudicato il PREMIO SPECIALE.

Chaos – Projection Mapping on Miyazaky Prefectural Art museum 

Chaos, according to some authors, appears to be in the mythology and cosmogony of the ancient Greeks, the personification of the primordial state of “emptiness”, the darkness preceding the generation of the cosmos from which the gods and men emerged. Interpreters of the Theogony generally agreed that Chaos is not simply the “void”, the “place” where the entities come into being and find their place “, so it would be an entity not only spatial but also material: a sort of nebulosity without form associated with darkness. So I recreated this formless nebulosity in constant relationship with the darkness, starting from the given architecture, but changing it into a timeless space, in which the relationship between darkness and light represents a creative but also destructive force that constantly changes our reality (and at the same time the way we perceive it) in an orderly and not disordered manner as one would expect from Chaos.

Ecco il render su gentile concessione dell’artista




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