XYZT by Adrien M/ Claire B

annamaria monteverdi/ Luglio 28, 2015/ digital art

XYZT, Les paysages abstraits
Horizontal X
Vertical Y
Depth Z
Time T
These four letters are used to describe the movements unfolding at one point in space to reveal an imaginary territory. It is an exhibition landscaped by mathematical paradoxes, typographical illusions and metaphors in motion. Strolling through a luxuriant digital space, touching algorithms, sensing matter of light; some of the manifold imaginary fields are to be explored.
A pathway, as if traversing, revisiting nature; a coincidence between geometry and the organic: between real and virtual.
upcoming performances

Composed and Directed by / Adrien Mondot & Claire Bardainne
IT Tools and Sound Control / Loïs Drouglazet
Design and Set / Martin Gautron
Sound Designer / Christophe Sartori
Lighting / Jérémy Chartier
Exhibition Set-Up / Jérémy Chartier,
Loïs Drouglazet, Laurent Lechenault,
Vincent Perreux, Christophe Sartori
Scenography Apprentice / Charles Boinot
Technical Director / Alexis Bergeron
Administration / Marek Vuiton
Booking / Charlotte Auché

Produced by
Adrien M / Claire B


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