‘A fantastic parallel of technology and nature.’ : ROOT by GIJS VAN BON

annamaria monteverdi/ Novembre 16, 2017/ Festival, light art


‘A fantastic parallel of technology and nature.’

Gijs van Bon designed a work of art that blends technology and nature. Through scanning something from nature and transforming it with a laser into a complex network of semi-conductors. In this installation the organic structure and the network of branches of a tree in the Nachtegaallaan is explored by three lasers. Because it is easy to draw a parallel between the current complex technological networks and the natural structures of trees and plants. _Root images are suggestive of the brain, artificial intelligence and the origin of communication.

The lasers draw the tree full of dots, lines and shapes. Through creating raised points of a kind in certain places, so-called hubs, a network between the elements occurs. The hubs are linked to each other through a play of light that runs over the network of branches. The installation displays in circular succession six possible image phases. Each cycle lasts a couple of minutes. No single cycle is the same. Original phases are constructed each time; the lasers choose other paths, shapes and sounds. Each cycle that progresses through each phase will be different from the others. In how it appears, sounds and in dynamics.

This work of art is sponsored by ASML.

Installation artist Gijs van Bon (1975) studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and at the theatre division of HKU.

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