Call for artists: International Theatre, Art and New Technologies Festival The Wonders of the Possible/

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Between the months of December and January in Cagliari (Italy), KyberTeatro organises the third edition of International Theatre, Art and New Technologies Festival “The Wonders of the Possible//UPGRADE”.

This Festival is the first of this kind in the whole of Italy. Its aim is to promote the interrelation between artistic and technological languages.
The Kyber Teatro, spin-off of L’Aquilone di Viviana theatre company creator and manager of the Festival, addresses to Italian and International artists an Open Call to submit their projects on the theme “Interaction between arts and technology”.

Theatre, Performing Arts and Digital Arts Section
Who can attend: Individual artists, companies (maximum 3 members per project).
Eligible projects: Theatrical plays, performances.

Application Deadline: 15 October 2016

The application must contain:
• Artist / company’s CV;
• Detailed description of the project (in PDF);
• Technical rider;
• Selection of max 5 photos;
• Link to audio / video material (Vimeo or Youtube).

Applying for the call, artists agree that the projects should be presented at the Festival. In case of selection, artists must provide a short biography and an abstract of the project. They also agree that the material related to the project could be published on the website of the Festival and/or given to the press for promotional purposes.

Archiving process
Should their work be presented at the Festival artists authorise the Kyber Teatro – L’aquilone di Viviana to store the material and make it accessible trhough the Festival’s website. All rights to the artwork and images will remain with the artist. The Organization is also entitled to document the event in all its phases through audio recordings, video or images.

Application materials must be sent to:

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