Robert Wilson’s Video Portraits at the Video Biennial lichtsicht 5, Bad Rothenfelde, Germany

Annamaria monteverdi/ Novembre 8, 2015/ NEWS

Robert Wilson’s Video Portraits have been shown in the most prestigious museums around the world. This year, they will be part of the Video Biennial lichtsicht 5 in the town of Bad Rothenfelde, Germany. For the first time ever the Video Portraits will be projected on large surfaces outdoors in the spectacular setting of a giant salina. The lichtsicht 5 Biennial is curated by Peter Weibel, director of the ZKM Center for Arts and Media.

More information here (free admission)

Robert Wilson is one of the rare artists who works across artistic media without being buoyed by one method of making. The process of creation transcends a single medium and instead finds outlet within the archetype of an opera, the architecture of a building, the stains in a watercolor drawing, the design of a chair, the choreography of a dance, the rhythm of a sonnet, or the multiple dynamics revealed in a Video Portrait.


By incorporating a multitude of creative elements; lighting, costume, make up, choreography, gesture, text, voice, set design, and narrative – the video portraits act as a complete synthesis of all the media in the realm of Wilson’s art making.  The canvas or High Definition (HD) screen is one thing, blending the environmental and spatial aspects of a stage with a new sensibility for Wilson’s direction. The medium is HD video but the form blurs time-based cinematography with the frozen moment of still photography. As in the layering nature of Wilson’s creative process, the video portraits infuse references found in painting, sculpture, design, architecture, dance, theater, photography, television, film and contemporary culture.  The final result on the HD monitor resembles a photograph, but on closer inspection reveals Wilson’s highly developed theatrical language in conjunction with the startling clarity and precision of HD video.


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