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annamaria monteverdi/ Aprile 26, 2018/ augmented reality

Damjansky Bees and herring in red

Alongside the printing press, the internet represents the greatest democratization of knowledge and information in our history. While the work of the artists represented in the exhibit “Hello, we’re from the internet” are not restricted to web-art, the artists are all of a generation inspired by the access, tools, and freedom it has brought them.

Participating Artists:
Sarah Rothberg
Gabriel Barcia-Colombo
Tara Sinn
Louise Foo
David Lobser
Scott Garner
Harald Haraldsson

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The Danger Tree / A Groundbreaking Visual Arts Experience
1st – 31st July 2016
Riverside Unit, New Capital Quay, Greenwich, London SE10 9FR

Further UK exhibitions throughout Oct-Nov 2016 in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

World’s First Augmentist 30 year old artist Scarlett Raven unveils her ambitious, groundbreaking visual arts experience, The Danger Tree this summer. Scarlett is the first oil painter to work in the exciting world of augmented reality and reveals the deeply personal process of creating her multi-layered, experiential art.
Working exclusively with Blippar, world leaders in the field of augmented art, the viewer can use their smartphone app to unlock Scarlett’s poignant work, stripping away the countless layers of paint to reveal the creative journey beneath each painting.



Campaign for Spotify and Síminn (Iceland Telecom). Created & directed by Harald Haraldsson. Produced by Wonwei.




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