False Positives / Esther Hovers (NL)

Veronica D'Auria/ Settembre 17, 2018/ Ars elctronica, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, digital art

Beautiful project by ESTHER HOVERS seen at ARS electronica 2018

The project False Positives is about intelligent surveillance systems. These are cameras that are able to detect deviant behavior within public space. False Positives revolves around the question of normal behavior. It aims to raise this question by basing the project on eight different ‘anomalies’. These so-called anomalies are signs of body-language and movement that could indicate criminal intent. It is through these anomalies the algorithms are built and cameras are able to detect deviant behavior. The eight different anomalies were pointed out to me by several intelligent surveillance experts with whom I collaborated for this project. The work consists of several approaches, photographs and pattern drawings. All together, these form an analysis of different settings in and around the business district of the de facto European capital: Brussels.

Prolonged pausing, groups of people suddenly splitting up, a woman coming to stop exactly at the corner of the street, a man running through a slow-moving crowd. All of these can be classified as deviant behavior within the context of public space. To find out what constitutes deviance we first need to ask ourselves the question: What is considered normal?
Public security is a growing concern throughout Europe. To the eye of the camera every person is a possible suspect, every person a possible perpetrator.
Will intelligent surveillance help us to safeguard our need for security?

This video is mimicking the interface of an intelligent surveillance system. It was made in the business district of Brussels in 2015.

© 2015 Esther Hovers


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