Interview to Xavi Bové, artistic director of FIMG, International Mapping Festival in Girona

Annamaria monteverdi/ Novembre 4, 2015/ FOCUS, videomapping

My interview in Girona to the musician, engeneer and artistic director Xavi Bové. Xavi Bové’s career has been focused on the relationship between visual and musical disciplines, specialized in live events.

Born in Lleida (Spain) in 1978, he is an image and sound engineer, and widened his studies with a video direction postgraduate and a master on digital audiovisual creation. Along his seven years as an OPERA VIDEO DIRECTOR of more than 30 titles in Gran Teatre del Liceu Opera House in Barcelona, he has been exploring different ways to show the opera drama in audiovisual language, giving the audience the chance to enjoy opera in a cinematographic way, and acquiring big international opera panorama knowledge. He has directed live broadcastings for TV, Internet and Cinemas worldwide in High Definition, and also the first 3D opera live broadcasting in Spain. Several titles are available on DVD worldwide under high quality labels such as Virgin Classics, DECCA, Arthaus-Musik, C-Major, Opus Arte, Unitel, TDK and Euroarts.

Xavi has directed VIDEO MAPPING projects, applied over different kind of surfaces, such as buildings, trees, planes, balloons or bodies, and is the ARTISTIC DIRECTOR of FIMG, International Mapping Festival in Girona (

He has been commissioned for creating ARTISTIC CORPORATE and ADVERTISING CLIPS combining the needs of companies with a sensitive approach.


He has been art director for live concerts creating LIVE VISUALS and combining stage design, video-creation and mapping techniques, for bands such as Fon Roman, Guillamino and dÉbruit, and for festivals such as Connexions and DeProp.

Xavi Bové is responsible of the visual area on ENVOLVENT, an events promoter and communication/booking agency specialized in electronic music and visual arts, with a weekly radio program ( And is also co-founder of FAVOLA IN MVSICA, which aims to give high-quality solutions both for live broadcasting and creative video recording and post-production, mainly focused on classical music.

For MUSIC FESTIVALS he has been the director of live broadcasting and live internet streaming for SONAR Festival and Summercase Music Festival. He has directed MUSIC VIDEOS for electronic and pop bands, (Undo, Maurice Aymard, Gui Boratto, The Moustaches,…) and was the cinematographer for a music video for the Berlin Fashion Week. He has also directed live music concerts recordings for DVDs, such as for the rock musicians Bunbury & Vegas. He also plays tunes as aMUSIC SELECTOR for special events under the name of HERR BOVE offering Vintage and Electronic Sets.

Cycle of Life”,  Prize for innovation, International Videomapping Festival in Girona (FIMG). Selected at V International Congress Synesthesia, Science & Art 2015. Interactive Videmapping from live performed classical music.

In CINEMA, Xavi Bové has directed documentaries about music such as “Music of Shapes” about new musical theories by Raúl Quílez; he has been the second unit director of the documentary film “Llach, la revolta permanent” by Lluis Danés about the life of a Catalan singer; he directed the recording of “Tranuites”, a visual theatre and circus project; and he also directed more than 10 shortfilms, including the film festivals selected “Eine Neue Nachricht” (fiction), “Requiem für eine Tanne” (video creation),  “Mala Sombra” (fiction) and “Viure al mar” (documentary). He worked as art director on “Final”.

He TEACHES seminaries and master’s classes about relations between music and image, for institutions such as La Salle University and EMAV audiovisual school in Barcelona. He also worked for three years as a workshops and films curator for the REC Film Festival (Tarragona). Xavi has lived and worked in Barcelona, London and Berlin and nowadays is based in Girona (Spain).

Currently he is working on different projects that bridge these art disciplines, combining his experience and knowledge and playing with the experimentation of languages, formats and interactivity.

In the interview he speaks about CYCLE of LIFE, his interactive videomapping Prize for innovation, Girona Festival. Selected at V International Congress Synesthesia, Science & Art 2015. Interactive Videmapping from live performed classical music.

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