Videomapping Mayakowsky by Sila Sveta

annamaria monteverdi/ Settembre 22, 2017/ NEWS, videomapping

video mapping project “Mayakovsky”, presented back in 2015. Created by Sila Sveta for the 5th Moscow International Festival “Circle of Light”, the show also won the Grand Prix of the festival’s Art Vision Modern competition.

According to Ilya Balakin, Art Director of the show and Design Director of Sila Sveta, it was one of the most challenging and interesting projects of all time. Many people were involved, and the creative process was admittedly even more interesting than the result itself.

The work was inspired by the Soviet avant garde movement and was presented with an unusual soundtrack — a recording of Mayakovsky’s poetry. Projection on the Central pavilion of VDNKh Exhibition Center was a minimalistic combination of graphics, text visuals and video footage.


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