Water Light Graffiti by Antonin Fourneau

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Antonin Fourneau’s artist residency in the Digitalarti Artlab resulted in the Water Light Graffiti project: an LED wall that reacts to contact with water. After several months of tests, prototypes and material improvements, the project finally saw the light for a few days in a public space in Poitiers, France (end of July 2012).

Since then, Water Light Graffiti has been exhibited in Paris, Las Vegas, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Rotterdam, New York, The Hague, Chicago, Amsterdam…

All the construction photographs : at this link
The prototypes period video : at this link (in french, translation by hackaday members here)
All the photographs of public exhibitions: at this link

Water Light Graffiti is a project of Antonin Fourneau
Engineer : Jordan McRae
Design Structure : Guillaume Stagnaro
Graffiti performance : Collectif Painthouse
Assistant team: Clement Ducerf and all the ArtLab volunteers
ArtLab Manager: Jason Cook

Filming: Sarah Taurinya & Quentin Chevrier
Photographs: Quentin Chevrier
Music: Jankenpopp (soundcloud.com/jankenpopp)
Editing and titles: Formidable Studio and Maïa Bompoutou

Support : Ville de Poitiers and Centre Culturel Saint Exupéry

Contact : services@digitalarti.com

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