Visualia group (Marko Bolkovic) finalist at 1 minute projection mapping

annamaria monteverdi/ Settembre 10, 2016/ Festival, videomapping

The 15 finalists to the next stage are listed below. 79 entries from 25 countries and areas. The number of countries that participated in this year was the largest ever. We will have the rehearsal to test all projection mapping works including the unselected works before the event. At the rehearsal, we are going to add a few more positions

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Nobumichi ASAI:Connected Colors, Real time projection on face

annamaria monteverdi/ Settembre 7, 2016/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE, interactive performance, videomapping

New face projection mapping work using Real-Time Face Tracking “Connected Colors” is included within the Intel Corporation experience amazing campaign. “Connected Colors” which was planned and produced with the technical direction by media artist Nobumichi Asai (WOW), conceptualizes the coexistence of life. The motif is centered on the colors of nature, and is an expression of electric make-up in the

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Intervista a Igor Imhoff, tra video, grafica, animazione,mapping e glitch art

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 28, 2016/ digital art, FOCUS, videomapping

Igor Imhoff nasce in Italia nel 1976,. Si laurea all’Accademia di Belle Arti; attualmente è docente di Multimedia Design, animazione e 3d modeling all’ International School of Comics . La sua attività artistica spazia dalla grafica all’animazione, al video/film sperimentale. Numerose sono le partecipazioni a mostre e festival in Italia e all’estero (Bevilacqua La Masa ,Galleria San Marco , Venice , Milan

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Projection designs for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 28, 2016/ videomapping

The spectacular large format projections that have graced Edinburgh Castle for the last 11 years creating a dramatic and dynamic backdrop for the iconic Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo season have just become hugely brighter and even more visible with a new video projection system specified by digital artist Ross Ashton from The Projection Studio. The 12 x Panasonic PT-DW17K2 projectors

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Golem, micromapping on sculpture by BK studio

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 25, 2016/ FOCUS, videomapping

GOLEM est une rencontre en l’art antique et l’art numérique moderne. La sculpture et la video s’associent pour créer un sentiment d’inquiétante étrangeté. Ce projet questionne le manque de vie inhérent à l’image virtuelle et à la sculpture. Golem explore la fine frontière entre la réalité virtuelle et la représentation matérielle. Golem is an installation using antic sculpture and video to

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Media Architecture Compendium Häusler, Hank M. / Tomitsch, Martin / Tscherteu, Gernot

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 24, 2016/ videomapping

New frontiers for media architecture: Media Architecture Compendium  (AV edition) by Häusler, Hank M. / Tomitsch, Martin / Tscherteu, Gernot explores how digital media is shaping cities today and in the years to come. It illustrates groundbreaking use of light and media in urban environments through 36 winning or shortlisted entries from the Media architecture Biennale awards in 2014 and

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Origins, a Videomapping by Volvox for Panorama Festival, NYC

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 22, 2016/ FOCUS, videomapping

Volvox Labs [VVOX] uses dynamic motion graphics, lighting, digital fabrication and new media technologies to help artists and brands connect with audiences through creative innovation. The studio creates digital and physical experiences for award winning artists, musicians and iconic brands. First creating high-end content design for music festivals, and then to software development for interactive new media, responsive environments, the

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Dandy punk live projection mapping

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 4, 2016/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE, videomapping

Performed by Ekenah Claudin Created by a dandypunk with Flippingmonk Also performed by Terry Kvasnik and Stephan Choiniere Music by The alchemy of light, a projection mapping live performance  Using projection mapping onto street furniture, a dandypunk travels through various fantastical worlds, interacting with strange characters and treacherous landscapes, in the hope of unfolding the secrets and learning the

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Il genovese Alessandro Lupi al Festival internazionale della Luce di Cascais. Dall’Accademia al successo internazionale nel mondo dell’arte

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 4, 2016/ FOCUS, videomapping

Si chiama UNIVERSAL SPIN l’installazione cinetica creata da Alessandro Lupi basata sulla luce e sul movimento della forma scultorea a spirale nell’ambiente. Sarà lui a rappresentare idealmente l’Italia in questo prestigioso Festival di luce a Cascais, Portogallo, dove troveranno spazio videomapping architetturali, workshop, installazioni luminose basate sul tema delle 4 stagioni della luce. Lupi simboleggerà l’autunno. Lupi ha studiato all’Accademia

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4D projection by Nurformer

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 3, 2016/ videomapping

From 4d Projection – Introducing Michael Jordan ‘Melo M8’ – Amazing Water Projection “Until recently, 3D mapping projection campaigns typically ran no longer than 5-10 minutes. Now, some 3D mapping campaigns now are running for an entire day or week, like animated wallpaper,”, according to Rob Delfgaauw, CEO of NuFormer, a leading developer of 3D mapping projections. But it hasn’t taken

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Ocubo Internacional Reference on Video Mapping and Interactive Projections

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 2, 2016/ FOCUS, videomapping

From Concept to Exhibition, OCUBO provides all the in between stages including contents creations, 3D animations, illustrations, motion design, video Mapping and Interactive application development. The domains of expertise are as well artistic as commercial with a stress on interactivity and participative installations. LUMINA 2015 – WebSite .

Light paintings, interactive live painting by OCUBO

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 2, 2016/ FOCUS, videomapping

Light Paintings è un’installazione multimediale interattiva di OCUBO, adattata all’architettura del palazzo o della statua scelta, in cui il pubblico è invitato a dipingere la facciata dell’edificio con la luce, creando disegni meravigliosi dalle tonalità accese per mezzo di un piattaforma interattiva disposta in loco. Quest’opera d’arte lancia allo spettatore la sfida di diventare un artista creando un elemento visivo

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Alberobello light festival

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 2, 2016/ Festival, videomapping

Dal 23 al 2 agosto 2016 i trulli torneranno a illuminarsi per la prima edizione internazionale dell’Alberobello Light Festival. Torna, dopo il successo delle edizioni precedenti, la versione estiva del Festival delle Luci che avrà come tema le ‘visioni’ che gli artisti hanno sulla luce e sull’arte della luce, e le loro interpretazioni, che si snoderanno in un percorso suggestivo

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Visualia summer edition (Pula)

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 2, 2016/ Festival, videomapping

Visualia Summer Edition will repeat video mapping, D-Stroy by Undertoon, witch was premiered at the Festival Visualia in May 2016. In case you’ve missed it or you simply want to see it again, join us on 13th of August 2016 at Forum. Program begins at 21:30 hours so we suggest that you come a few minutes earlier because projection starts

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Projection mapping and other digital works by Tobias Gremmler

annamaria monteverdi/ Luglio 27, 2016/ videomapping

Tobias Gremmler (Bio): Tobias Gremmler is Visiting Associate Professor at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and Visiting Professor at the Shanghai Theatre Academy. He started his career as media artist and designer in the early 90s. His work has been shown at Ars Electronica, Transmediale, and theatres like Volksbühne Berlin and Cultural Centre Hong Kong.

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Aileen by Alex POPA, selected work for FIMG in the category of Micromapping

annamaria monteverdi/ Luglio 26, 2016/ videomapping

Aileen is an attempt to focus on a stratified world. Substance is represented in a material light form, providing a psychological maturity. An attempt to create clarity, to make some light.  BIOGRAPHY  Alex Popa was born on 1992 in Brasov, Romania. He is graphic Designer, 3D artist, Motion Grapher. Graduated in the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna (IT) after

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annamaria monteverdi/ Luglio 26, 2016/ videomapping

| The International Festival of Mapping from Girona, which was held from July 22 to 24, ends the third edition with the publication of the winners of the International Mapping Competition. The finalist projects in professional, amateur, educational and instant categories have been projected on the facades of Casa Pastors, Pont d’en Gomez and Les Aligues on 22nd, 23rd and 24th July. The finalists ofmicromapping category have been shown in different parts of the

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annamaria monteverdi/ Luglio 11, 2016/ Festival, FOCUS, videomapping

From 22 to 24 of July GIRONA (SPAIN) celebrates the FIMG 2016, a free festival that weaves the cultural value of Girona with the contemporary cretion through the innovation and audiovisual arts.  The FIMG includes the III International Mapping Competition – with a new category, eleven prizes valued in more than 28.000 € and three popular votation prizes-, and the

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Città invisibili invade il FLIPT 2016

annamaria monteverdi/ Luglio 1, 2016/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE, FOCUS, videomapping

JUNE 22nd  – July 3rd Workshop “The urban environment trasformed by art” on the construction of Città Invisibili (“Invisible Cities”), which will be concluded with the show Città Invisibili in Fara Sabina, July 2nd and 3rd.  Participants enrolled in 2016 FLIPT will have the great opportunity to:  Learn a working method on urban areas transformation with site-specific techniques and different

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Link per lezione Spezia

annamaria monteverdi/ Febbraio 19, 2016/ videomapping

Bill Viola The emergence.Masolino da Panicale 1492 Pietà       Pontormo, Visitazione, (1528 ca.), Carmignano, Pieve di San Michele, Bill Viola The greetings 1995 Verosimilmente realizzato verso il 1895, questo quadro è rappresentativo dell’evoluzione dell’arte di Cézanne che, dopo circa venti anni, si è allontanato dall’impressionismo. Proprio lui, l’artista che desidera “trattare la natura con il cilindro la sfera

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Life migrations, videomapping per Alghero nel quadro di IAM project

annamaria monteverdi/ Febbraio 5, 2016/ videomapping

International Augmented MED – Alghero è un progetto di cooperazione internazionale guidato dal Comune di Alghero, che coinvolge 14 partner appartenenti a 7 Paesi dell’area mediterranea (Italia, Spagna, Giordania, Libano, Palestina, Tunisia, Egitto). Il Festival conclusivo del progetto europeo si è svolto proprio nella Città di Alghero e ha visto la partecipazione di nell’allestimento di uno spazio urbano interattivo,

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annamaria monteverdi/ Gennaio 29, 2016/ videomapping

VIDEO MAPPING AND FACADE PROJECTION COMPETITION All interested artists are invited to submit their concept ideas for the Genius Loci Weimar Festival between the opening date of 27 January 2016 up to the deadline of 23 March 2016. Submitted concepts will be displayed in a public exhibition in Weimar in spring 2016. The best projects will chosen, among other means,

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Intervista a Luca Agnani, digital artist

annamaria monteverdi/ Gennaio 29, 2016/ FOCUS, videomapping

Non si conosce mai l’artista che c’è dietro queste operazioni di intrattenimento luminoso diventate una presenza fissa dei grandi eventi cittadini chiamate videomapping e troppo spesso definite come forme avanzate di “digital advertising”. Eppure a dieci anni tondi dalla nascita di questo nuovo genere d’arte digitale, si cominciano a riconoscere gli stili e la grammatica visiva dei diversi gruppi, che

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LA PEDRERA: GRANADOS MOVEMENTS. Spettacolo interattivo di Xavi Bové 12 febbraio

annamaria monteverdi/ Gennaio 27, 2016/ FOCUS, videomapping

An unusual self-produced show Friday February 12, at 7pm and 8.30pm, specially designed for La Pedrera and directed by Xavi Bové, in which pieces by Enric Granados are visually represented by analysing the sound of the instruments played live and the movements of the conductor. A show on the façade of La Pedrera harmoniously linking light, music and architecture. It

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3D mapping show, HIPA CEREMONY AWARDS 2015- DUBAÏ

annamaria monteverdi/ Dicembre 27, 2015/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE, videomapping

Auditoire Dubaï contacted Nathanaëlle Picot to write with Audrey Baldacci a 4 acts show of mapping with dancers interactivity. The story is about photography. The first act plunged the audience into the journey of a photographer. Through his eyes, the guests live his passion and follow him through his journey to capture the perfect photograph : his preparation, his quest to find the right

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Interview to Konic thtr about their videomapping creation in Alghero, Torre della Maddalena

annamaria monteverdi/ Novembre 15, 2015/ FOCUS, videomapping

A New Videomapping Creation by KONIC THTR (ES) “Torre dei Sogni” is a visual poem to be screened on the ‘Forte della Maddalena’ (Garibaldi Tower), one of the most beautiful and important architectural monument of Alghero. A small tribute to the dreams that take us back to the Neolithic world, goddesses and warriors, costumes and‘mamuthones‘ masked faces. And that commemorates the essence

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Videomapping SIM/Nebula by MACULA for Czech Philarmonic

annamaria monteverdi/ Novembre 14, 2015/ FOCUS, NEWS, videomapping

The project SIM/NEBULA is a 45 minutes of expressively futuristic visual poem, shaping the emergence of cybernetic organism counting down its time code in live acoustic waves of classical music conducted by Jiri Belohlavek and Czech philharmonic orchestra. The story made of seven sections/themes, set against the background of the visual show, which uses technological and creative attributes of projectionmapping,

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Intervista al gruppo Sullaluna, vincitore del bando IAM per il videomapping ad Alghero

annamaria monteverdi/ Novembre 10, 2015/ videomapping

Si presentano sulla home del loro sito con il casco da astronauti ma hanno i piedi ben piantati sulla terra; certo la tecnologia che usano non sarà forse quella della NASA ma gli effetti speciali fanno davvero per loro. Il team SullaLuna nato nel 2012 si è specializzato in Videomapping, MotionGraphics e Corporate Video e curano l’immagine di molti brand importanti, creano

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Interview to Xavi Bové, artistic director of FIMG, International Mapping Festival in Girona

annamaria monteverdi/ Novembre 4, 2015/ FOCUS, videomapping

My interview in Girona to the musician, engeneer and artistic director Xavi Bové. Xavi Bové’s career has been focused on the relationship between visual and musical disciplines, specialized in live events. Born in Lleida (Spain) in 1978, he is an image and sound engineer, and widened his studies with a video direction postgraduate and a master on digital audiovisual creation. Along

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