Città invisibili invade il FLIPT 2016

JUNE 22nd  – July 3rd

Workshop “The urban environment trasformed by art” on the construction of Città Invisibili (“Invisible Cities”), which will be concluded with the show Città Invisibili in Fara Sabina, July 2nd and 3rd.

 Participants enrolled in 2016 FLIPT will have the great opportunity to:

 Learn a working method on urban areas transformation with site-specific techniques and different art forms transforming urban environment, under the artistic direction of Pino Di Buduo (Teatro Potlach).

 Take part in a workshop about stage designs coordinated by Prof. Agnese Giglia, who will arrange the stage designs ready to change the architectural and urban areas of the historic city, together with a group of students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo

Attend a digital scenery workshop directed by Prof. Luca Ruzza, who will arrange the interactive and artistic projections in order to narrate the urban architecture designs of the Historic city, with a group of students of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome and in cooperation with Vincenzo Sansone.

The participants in the whole Festival will have the chance to be actively involved in the show with a performance of their own especially designed to this aim, with the support of Pino Di Buduo and with the help of the stage directors participating in FLIPT. Actually Pino Di Buduo’s stage direction will be assisted by the director Kiomars Moradi (Iran), by the director James Jordan (Pennsylvania, USA), and by the playwright Cristopher Shorr (Pennsylvania, USA), by the director Roberto Prestigiacomo (Texas, USA).

 Alongside the arrangement of the final show, all those taking part in FLIPT will meet the opportunity to attend several workshops, run by famous masters (Claudio De Maglio, Eugenio Barba, Julia Varley, Keiin Yoshimura, Parvathy Baul), and whose achievements might be added to Città Invisibili.

What is Città Invisibili?