4D projection by Nurformer

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4d Projection – Introducing Michael Jordan ‘Melo M8’ – Amazing Water Projection

“Until recently, 3D mapping projection campaigns typically ran no longer than 5-10 minutes. Now, some 3D mapping campaigns now are running for an entire day or week, like animated wallpaper,”, according to Rob Delfgaauw, CEO of NuFormer, a leading developer of 3D mapping projections.

But it hasn’t taken off yet and Delfgaauw has a major theory about it. One of the main barriers has been a lack of general understanding by event planners and marketers of the technology.

“Many people aren’t even aware of its existence, and only a relatively very small number of people have actually seen them in person,”Delfgaauw says.

As a result, many event planners and marketers have been unable or unwilling to convey the benefits and value of the technology to decision-makers.


The impact of 3D mapping projections in social media is undeniable. NuFormer’s 2010 campaign launching Samsung’s 3D TV model in Amsterdam, showed the viral nature of 3D mapping projections. According to Delfgaauw the campaign generated over 50,000,000 views on the web from 2010 to 2013.


3D video mapping – Samsung, Amsterdam, the Netherlands – May 2010

The company also developed a logo reveal 3D mapping campaign in 2013 for Philips aimed at highlighting the relocation of the company’s headquarters to Amsterdam. The campaign incorporated an interactive element using Kinect, which allowed dance scenes from street goers to be overlayed onto the façade of Philips’ new headquarters.

3D video mapping – Philips, Amsterdam, the Netherlands – November 2013