Joanie Lemercier: screenless experiment.

annamaria monteverdi/ Luglio 15, 2017/ light art, videomapping

Projections: Joanie Lemercier

Music: Principles of Geometry – Roanoke


Holograms are still images captured on photographic plate with a laser, and were invented in 1971.

THIS IS A VIDEO PROJECTION appearing to float in the air and following the viewers perspective, overlayed with the real world. Unlike AR and VR, no headset, device or screen is required.  this particular technique is view-point dependant, so it only works for one user.

more details:


“In this large multi-user installation I use another technique with truly volumetric content that works from every point of view- It works best with rear projection, the projected light scatters on the water particles at a 50 degrees angle, so several projectors can be used to allow wider viewing angle”.

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