#14::SKYLINE_EXTENDED:: is a stage version belonging to the SKYLINE series created for ECOSS that is held within the IDN PLUS festival at the Mercat de les Flors in homage to Núria Font.

A concert of dance and visual poetry in a world of hybrid languages.

Filmación completa – Full Documentation – Show #14::Skyline_extended 18/10/2018 Mercat de les Flors Barcelona + INFO about the show on our website: https://koniclab.info/?project=14skyl…

#14::SKYLINE_EXTENDED:: is a show consisting of dance, music and live visuals where two female dancers, a female performer and a male musician interact with the spaces and stage scenery and props in a highly visual show.

In this piece Kònic Thtr offers a critical look at the new techniques of power, that rely on the access and manipulation of the sphere of psyche to submit people.

“an interwoven flow of movements, music and live images”

The four characters explore through relational semantics between body, movement, light and sound, inspaired by the idea of an inverted panoptic where each individual lends itself to being observed and confined within its own definition of itself, as in a self-digital version of Big Brother.


Schedule 2018 _ #14SKYLINE_EXTENDED::

27 Apr 2019: International Festival 25 FIAV Casablanca. Morocco – Show –

03 – 15 Dec 2018: International Festival N 2018. Mexico City – Project in residence of formation, creation and exhibition –

18 Oct 2018: IDN PLUS – Tribute to Núria Font. Mercat de les Flors. Barcelona – PREMIERE! >>