Krušče International Acting Workshop: Principles in acting with Tomi Janezic Oct 29thth – Nov 4th 2018

Intensive Workshop PRINCIPLES IN ACTING with Tomi Janezic

Krušče (Slovenia) workcenter for artistic research, creation, residency and education

 Oct 29thth – Nov 4th 2018

Where: Krušče, Slovenia (12 km from Cerknica)


Monday, October 29th 2018 – evening arrival

Tuesday, October 30th– Saturday, November 3rd 2018 – five days workshop

Sunday, November 4th – morning departure

 Schedule: 11:00-14:00, 14:00-16:00 Lunch Break, 16:00-19:00


The workshop is based on psychodrama as a platform for exploration of the actor’s creative process and the principles in acting on which different acting techniques are based on.

Psychodrama is a worldwide, recognized group psychotherapeutic method, developed by Jacob Levy Moreno and based on his theory of roles, which uses acting as a tool, but psychodrama techniques can also be applied in a creative context.

Participants can explore their personal and creative needs, difficulties and challenges of their own creative processes, as well as use psychodrama for the active-creative analysis of the life of a character. 

The workshop focuses on basic principles in different acting techniques as well as on the exploration of personal challenges and potentialities in creative processes and on applications of psychodrama techniques in art and art-teaching processes.


Tomi Janezic is an internationally recognised theatre director, professor and expert in the field of acting techniques, who is also a certified psychodrama psychotherapist (ECP). He has for many years applied psychodrama techniques in artistic and art-pedagogical processes.


Limited number of participants.

Professional actors and advanced students of acting.


480 EUR

Which covers:

–    Transport from Cerknica (bus station) or Rakek (train station)

–       5-days workshop fee (6 hours/day)

–       Accommodation (6 nights)

–       Lunch (5 days)

Tomi Janežič is a theatre director, university professor and psychodrama psychotherapist (ECP). He obtained his degrees in theatre directing from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, and was additionally educated through a period of twenty five years in Slovenia and abroad, particularly in the field of numerous acting techniques, psychodrama and group analysis. Janežič is one of the most recognized Slovenian theatre directors abroad and an internationally recognized expert in the field of acting. He has lectured and collaborated as an invited artist in several countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, France, Belgium, Norway, Portugal, Russia and USA). His performances toured on dozens of festivals in the countries of ex Yugoslavia, around whole Europe, in Russia and USA. Janežič has received over thirty international prizes and awards for his artistic work. He has directed Studio for Research on the Art of Acting within the framework of which – and in collaboration with parallel foreign organizations and experts  – he has done research projects in the field of acting since 1996.

Studio for Research on the Art of Acting works as an institute for cultural activities devoted to artistic, educational, research, and residency activities in the field of acting. Since 1996 Studio has realized numerous international projects (theatre co-productions, research and educational programs, artistic exchanges and residencies) and hosted a number of distinguished acting teachers and artists from all over the world. Studio has transposed all its activities to the workcenter in Krušče, a small village near Cerknica. In the course of last ten years since the beginning of the estate renovation, Krušče hosted internationally acclaimed artists and experts from more than twenty-five countries in the field of performing arts, film, music, fine arts, and literature, beside that importance is given also to the research and educational activities in psychodrama. Following its own particular way of dealing with the question of how to organize, finance, distribute and exchange creativity and art in the current modernity, Krušče is becoming recognised and valued as an important space for artistic investigation and reflection in Slovenia as well as in the wider international space.

Krušče – workcenter for artistic research, creation, residency and education is an estate with working and accommodation facilities in a small village Krušče located in the hills above Cerknica. The homestead with three houses and a big hayloft – which is now being reconstructed and renovated – was once trading with wood, had an inn and for a period even hosted a school.

In the course of last ten years since the beginning of the estate renovation, Krušče hosted internationally acclaimed artists from all around the world in the field of performing arts, film, music, fine arts, and literature. There are workshops, artistic research and exchange, educational and residency programs as well as artistic events taking place in Krušče.

Krušče combines the possibility of a creative retreat in the middle of nature (proximity of natural sights) and accessibility to highway connection (20 min), the capital (Ljubljana, 45 min) and the border (Italy, 45 min)

It is situated in the Notranjska region,

known for its nature: intermittent lake Cerknica,

the karst valley Rakov Škocjan,

as well as Snežnik Castle etc.

and close to the world famous Postojna cave and Predjama Castle.