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“Fanon” (Even the Dead Are Not Safe) by Trevor Paglen

Descrizione dell’opera FANON Dalla Pagina facebook ufficiale di TREVOR PAGLEN,

Here’s another piece from the new body of “machine vision” works – it’s a print of the facial “signature” of Franz Fanon.To grossly oversimplify, one of the ways you do face recognition is like this:

1) get a bunch of pictures of different people with multiple pictures of every person’s face; 2) align all the faces; 3) make a composite image of each person’s face; 4) make a composite image of all the other faces to get an “average human” face; 5) subtract the “average human face” from the “specific human face” you want to recognize; 6) now you’re left with an image of a particular person’s unique ‘facial fingerprint’ which you look for in subsequent images to try and tell who you’re looking at. So what we have here is an image of what the “specific face” of Franz Fanon looks like, according to this particular facial recognition algorithm. The piece is called:
“Fanon” (Even the Dead Are Not Safe)
Eigenface (colorized)
dye sublimation print
48 x 48 inches

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