360° Interactive Visuals and Music by Yago de Quay

Yago de Quay is featured using RealSense cameras and Curie-enabled wristbands that track hand gestures and location and use that data to control music and visuals. A project that took 3 months of working with the Intel to develop unique wristbands, gesture algorithms, radio transmission, music, visuals and dance.


Peter Sistrom – Visual Artist
Yago de Quay – Performer
Zackery Wilson – Composer
Reema Bounajem – Dancer/Choreographer
Shoko Fujita – Dancer
Adam Nurre – Drummer
Mitchell Vandenburg – Bassist
Kelsey Vidic: Costume Designer

Many thank to the Name the Machine’s Evan Pierre, Chris Legaspi and Fred Carlton; Intel’s Lakshman Krishnamurthy, Stephen Xing, Manan Goel, Saurin Shah, Narayan Sundararajan, Tal Ein-Gar; not to mention Shantel Martin and Matt Pinner.