Anatta, interactive dance performance by Viktor Delev

photo credit: AEC, Florian Voggeneder

Anatta is a dance performance that blends interactive technology and performative art in such a way that neither element dictates how the other proceeds. Via laser-tracking, the mostly monochrome projections on the installation space’s walls and floor react to the movements of dancer Joanna Gruberska (PL) and vice-versa. The result is reciprocal interplay among the human body, the projection and the performance space, whereby the boundary between action and reaction becomes blurred.

Trailer for Ars Electronica 2014 (1 min)

Extended Trailer (3 min)

Interview by Martin Hieslmair (AEC)

concept, sound and interaction design
Viktor Delev (MK/AT)

concept, choreography, performance
Joanna Gruberska (PL)

technical support
Ars Electronica Futurelab:
Benjamin Mayr
Otto Naderer