Digital Umbilical by Body Intelligence Collective

Designer – Salomé Bazin Producer – Lara Buffard Creative Technologist – Simon Haenggi Programmer – Jon Rowe Performer – Adam Seid Tahir Choreographer – Renaud Wiser Project associates Musician/Composer – Arthur Astier Performer – Rosanne Briens Production photography – Maria Lax Video capture and trailers – Laurent Liotardo The creation of Digital Umbilical was made possible with the generous support of Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grants, Fondation BNP Parisbas and Sadler’s Wells. Description: Digital Umbilical is a dance performance exploring organic connection between individuals (dancer and audience member), and its amplification through the use of technology. Inspired by factors of intimacy: proximity, warmth, sensing the pulse of each other, quietness: we aim at creating a shared experience which is unique to the moment. Our strongest reference is the womb: a place of deep intimacy with another human being, surrounding us in sound , low vibration and soft light, a place of interdependent living. Repurposing technological tools of bio-data control and measurement, Digital Umbilical wants to reclaim the poetic, rhythmic and creative aspect of bio-rhythms and body cycles, enabling audiences to reconnect to their bodies as spectators as well as participants. At a time where we are rising political division along simplified categorisation and artificial boundaries amongst humans, we believe it is critical to get audiences and participants to reconnect to the universality of our body, and an experience we have all shared as human beings.