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In memoriam Judith Malina, text by Hans Echnaton Schano (Living Theatre)

Now that Judith Malina has passed on, so much will be said about her founding of the Living Theatre and about all of her known achievements. There might even be voices of criticism questioning whether her work was successful or not, but the genius that was Judith Malina will supersede all of that.

Judith was a thinker, a doer, and a knower.

She never stopped to think about the truth of a matter until it could take on a clear form and only then would she insist that now something had to be done about it.

She helped us to understand how our highest ideals are bound and coopted by self-serving power structures and how we could resist.

She let us see how the means to end the violence amongst people can be discovered through nonviolent activism.

She led us to a threshold where we had to choose between destruction and creation.

Her unstoppable conviction that people can change shook us awake.

Her enormous despair was the truthful expression of her not ignoring human suffering at any time.

She called on us to feel the pain that our ignorance causes others, so that it may move us to understand and transform its causes.

With her authenticity and her undeterred will to stand up for and voice what is right, she has created a vision of the beautiful nonviolent revolution that will live on and grow until it becomes a reality. She knew that it has to if present humanity is to survive.


Hans Echnaton Schano è stato membro del Living Thetre, Polinice nell’Antigone, attore-creatore in Frankenstein, Paradise Now, Masse Mensch, The Yellow Methusalem, nel ciclo brasiliano.
Poeta, scrittore, attore teatrale, televisivo e cinematografico, raffinato performer, dopo l’esperienza travolgente e unica del Living degli anni Sessanta e Settanta, seguendo l’onda di alcuni pensatori che ebbe la fortuna di conoscere personalmente, da Marcuse a Paul Goodman, da Steve Ben Israel a Jody Williams, ha continuato l’attività teatrale che lo ha portato in 17 paesi del mondo recitando in 6 lingue. In Austria ogni anno crea un evento in memoria di Hiroshima e Nagasaki.