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Covering a wide variety of effects, the heading “liquid” encompasses such things as simulated rain for movies and theme park attractions, waterfalls, geysers and steam vents. We also install underwater air cannons to blast gallons of water 90 feet into the air as well as high-pressure pump systems to create real mist and fog effects.

Few effects can add reality to a scene better than Liquid Special Effects. From rain blowing into the audience from a dangerous storm to the mist filled green forest, waterfalls, dancing fountains, 3D theatre spritz effects, champagne hits, under water cannons, simulated lava flows, chocolate rivers and geysers, liquid effects make it all the more real.

You need a company with experience to add just the right liquid effect to your next scene or ride. Back Stage Technologies can implement any liquid special effect you desire. From concept to implementation we have the experience and knowledge to make your liquid vision a reality.

Water Screens Special Effects

waterscreen special effects

Just imagine a 25m high wall of water appearing from nowhere coupled with high power Video, slide, lighting and laser projections. The effects are truly amazing

The Water screen is an amazing medium that uses a thin film of water for projection of video, lasers, gobos, and other lighting effects. The images appear to float magically in front of the audience, enhanced by the surrealistic effect of genuine water flowing in front of them.

The water falls cleanly and silently from an overhead nozzle system and into a special recovery basin where it is re-circulated by a high pressure pump system. The surrounding area is left dry, and performers or speakers on stage behind the system are unaffected by the curtain of water just inches away.

We offer a range of different water screens for graphic projection and laser effect shows. The screen of water consists of several thousand individual drops which circulate from the nozzle array, to the catchment basin below.

How do you create rain and water effects on stage? Check out this example of Armide (2013). More info:


Projections on water screens

Japan Kabuki Festival in Las Vegas 2016 Panasonic presents “Water Screen Digital Show by Shochiku x teamLab”

Launch of the new Jordan Melo M8 using explosive water projections.

Kozyrnaya Picnic Party, Kiev, June 13, 2009. The jewel of the party was a stunning show featuring a hologram, 26 m x 15 m size, suddenly emerging above the still waters of the lake to the surprise of party guests. The breath of 3,000 guests was taken away by a love story in which a sensual dance and unique video effects of fire and water were all entwined. Video featured the finalists of the Ukrainian version of the popular TV show ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’.
This was Ukraine’s first water projection of such a scale and although it took place almost two years ago, it is still one of the most impressive water-screen shows of the world.
Developed by Front Pictures Studio, Kiev, Ukraine,

Swan Lake Show for Roshen Fontain: “Swan Lake The Fantasy” is an exciting combination of 3D animation, computer graphics, live footage and laser show. The world famous ballet by Tchaikovsky is re-imagined in a 25 min contemporary dance performance by holographic dancers projected onto the 45 х 16m water screen, accompanied by the music of a huge orchestra with electronic elements.