Theatre performance and Technology by C. Baugh

CHRISTOPHER BAUGH is Emeritus Professor of Performance and Technology at the University of Leeds. He is himself a professional stage designer, is Chair of the Society for Theatre Research’s Research Committee, was on the planning committee for The Globe Theatre, Bankside, and is editor of the journal Scenography International (with Christine White).

Throughout history, scenography has played a significant role in theatre, always drawing upon the latest technologies of manufacture and control. In the twenty-first century, it is fast becoming an artistic practice in its own right, engaging with audiences in varied ways. Christopher Baugh considers how change in scenographic identity has impacted upon the place and meaning of performance over the past 300 years.
Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition of the book by PALGRAVE ed. discusses:
• moving light technologies
• the Internet as a platform of performance
• urban scenography
• scenography’s role in the creation of memory
• the development of scenography as a collaborative practice.