Yago de Quay, artist and multimedia researcher.

Yago de Quay is an artist and multimedia researcher. His performances are concerned primarily with connecting gesture, music and visuals. In 2013 he received the Audience Favorite Prize at West By West Campus Film Festival for the film NOLA and the Critics Table Awards nomination for the Best Video Design in the multimedia performance 3D[Embodied]. In 2011 he published the book “Interactive Music 2.0″ and on the next year launched his music album “Take You to The Party”.

His latest show features interactive holographic projections and electronic sounds that respond to the gestures and brains waves of the singer.

Motion tracking done with a Kinect Camera. Brain waves analyzed with a MUSE EEG. Projections on a translucent scrim.

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Video by:

Filipa Rodrigues – Editor/Producer
Drew Daniels – Director of Photography
Chris Rush – Camera Operator
Yago de Quay – Music/Visuals/Voice
Sam Reese – Lyrics
Eric Lara – Lighting
Daniel Swan – Bass
Kendall Clark – Drums



The performer (vocalist) wear various technologies that allows the broadcast of his brain and body bio-signals through wi-fi connection. An electroencephalogram by Emotiv reads his brain waves to enable deliberate mental tasks and facial expressions to manipulate visual and musical parameters. A gyroscope sensor on his upper chest, attached to the under shirt, reports body orientation. A windows 8.1 tablet on his chest, attached to his hoodie, collects all this data, process it, and then broadcasts it over a network so that other computers can use the data as input for their audio and visual creative output in real time.

Using elements of the Pope’s poem the immortal soldier Athanatoi (Greek –“without death”) sings on “bright love,” weaving a voice of hope through the first tableau. Then Athanatoi falls into deep séance, conjuring thoughts of the afterlife and immortality.

Poet: Stephanie Pope
Spoken word: by LaQuetta Carpenter
Choreographer: Yacov Sharir
Composer/Sound Design: Bruce Pennycook
Visuals: Joao Beira, Rodrigo Carvalho
Costume Design: Kelsey Vidic
Vocalist: Yago De Quay
Dancers: Emily Snouffer, Becca Bagley, Gianina Casale, Summer Fiaschetti, Katie McCarn and Allyson Morales

Nominated for Best Video Design 2013 by the Austin Critics Table Awards. Motion Tracking, Bio Sensors, dancers, and virtual reality make magic on stage.

Cube Design, Motion Tracking and Visuals (until 3:33) by João Beira – (https://vimeo.com/joaobeira)
Bio Sensors and Visuals (from 2:343:46) by Marta Ferraz
Choreography by Yacov Sharir
Sound Design by Bruce Pennycook
Technical Support and Visual Effects (from 2:343:46) by Yago de Quay (www.yagodequay.com)