BRUMA / NET – On line performance by Konic

Riceviamo e pubblichiamo dal gruppo catalano KONIC queste note di presentazione del progetto BRUMA/NET :

“BRUMA / NET is a series of Online Performances. A space that Kònic is making available so that anyone from their confinement can participate in a live broadcasted event.

We have performed so far 8 editions, all of them different, improvised, live videoperformances. Some of them were specific, such as our participation to the Telematic festival (Indianapolis) on Earth Day, and an edition on the International Dance Day.

Near 25 performers have participated so far, with many of them collaborating in more than one edition.

We have opted to leave the results open for anyone to see, live streaming the performances on Facebook where anyone can freely watch even without having a Facebook account.

Our aim is to create a frame so that we keep performing and developing digital tools for this purpose, and give the opportunity to the other involved perfomers to perform with us from within confinement.

This is being made in a precarious way, with no more technological tools than our laptops and cellphones and using standard videoconferencing tool (zoom) which we then modify in real time.

We are quite pleased with the result, which we have published on Youtube if you wish to have a look:

The Live performance is usually taking place on Thursdays at 5PM European Time, but may vary, especially now that some countries are slowly ending confinement. Announcements and Live stream take place on the Facebook page Xanela.Tecnoescena: