This year the interactive and immersive proposals are the star of #ECOSS23, with three installations (Fabra i Coats, 2-3 November, 18h-22h).
📌 “Digital Erosion”, interactive VR installation by Andrea Badia / nddr3 Andrea – nddr3
📌 “Fracture”, immersive VR installation by Azahara Cerezo and Mayte Gomez Molina.
📌 “Inminexo”, immersive virtual reality artistic videogame, by Konic Thtr (Rosa Sanchez Alain Baumann)

🌿 “Digital Erosion” by Andrea Badia / nddr3 is a project that addresses the concept of digital erosion, research that works from a perspective of virtualisation and physicalisation of natural geological processes. The work establishes a parallelism between the erosion that occurs in nature and the loss of digital information.
👁 «Fracture» by Azahara Cerezo and Mayte Gomez Molina is an immersive essay that investigates the virtual reality experience offered by devices like the Oculus Quest 2. As we immerse ourselves in our surrounding environments, eyewear continuously scan the space around us and monitor our movements with 4 integrated infrared cameras and 2 controllers with accelerometers and gyroscopes.
👾 The video game “INMINEXO” by Konic Thtr is an interactive 3D digital environment that allows the audience to get the immersive feeling through navigation with a virtual reality glasses sound-visual device, offering direct interaction with elements of this environment, modifying them and creating events in time real according to the personal decision of the person who interacts with it.

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