Intermediality in Theatre and Performance Working Group Panels, IFTR 2017 São Paulo. Programme

Intermediality in Theatre and Performance Working Group co-conveners:

Anna Monteverdi (

Karen Savage (

Liam Jarvis (

The University of São Paulo Postgraduate Studies Program will host at the Department of Performing Arts, with the support of USP Theater, the 2017 IFTR Conference, during the week of July 10th to July 14th. We are convinced that the initiative will attract many Brazilian scholars from the entire country, thus contributing to increase IFTR’s reach. In addition, the city of São Paulo offers a very good transportation network, which will help delegates to participate in conference activities on the university’s campus as well as enjoy the city’s many theatrical and performing events.

The 2017 conference theme, Unstable Geographies: Multiple Theatricalities,aims at the political and economic issues underlying the territorial and symbolic conflicts of a globalized world and, at the same time, targets the expansiveness of theatrical and performative fields that recognize and surprise each other. Massive migrations and the growing deterritorialization of human cultures have been accompanied by increasingly unstable artistic standards, concepts and institutional relations.

Monday 10 July – WG1, 11.00-12.30

Welcome talk

Panel 1: Political Borders, Live and Mediated


Chair: Karen Savage/Anna Monteverdi

  • Ralf Remshardt: Unstable Geographies and Uncertain Epistemologies: Discourses of William Kentridge
  • Catherine Makhumula: The Politics of Intermediality in African Theatre
  • Daniel Ruppel: Intermedial Citations in Pierre Desceliers Mappemundi 1553 and the “Figure des Brazilians”: Painterly Imitation, Political Implications, Performative Complications

Tuesday 11 July – WG2, 9.00-10.30

Panel 2: Mediatory of the Public Space: Urban Screens, Videomapping and Theatre.

Chair: Liam Jarvis

  • Vincenzo Sansone: From the Urban Screen to the Urban Stage: Digital Media Meet Public Spaces Thanks to Theatre Languages [via SKYPE]
  • Karen Savage: Exploring the Dynamic of the Raporter within the Context of Shifting Landscapes: Revisiting Displacements Through an Exploration of Performance and Citizenship
  • Katia Arfara: The Encountered Other. On Brett Bailey’s Performative Installations
  • Anna Monteverdi:Mind the Map: Connecting People by the City. Some Examples of Techno Performances in Urban Space


Wednesday 12 July – WG3, 11.00-12.30

Panel 3: Dislocations,Interactionsand Realities of the Virtual

Chair: Ralf Remshardt

  • Liam Jarvis: A Theatre of Referred Sensations?: Ontology and Relationality in VR Body Transfer Illusions
  • William Lewis: Performativity 3.0: The Politics of Post-digital Identity
  • Ildiko Rippel: No Womans Land

WG4, 14.00-15.30


Panel 4: Virtual Performance: Internet and Networked Performance

Chair: William Lewis

  • Marleena Huuhka: Mine, Colonize, Resist – Mapping Performative Resistance in Minecraft [via SKYPE]
  • Thomas Gorman: There is a World Elsewhere: The Coriolanus Online Project
  • Rosa Sanchez:The Distributed Stage. Performing Across the World Through Internet. Some Works by Konic Ttr


Friday 14 July – WG5, 11.00-12.30

Roundtable discussion – reflections on the week, future research trajectories for the WG, wrap-up