DandyPunk Live immersive theater at Sundance Festival 2017

Trailer for a live, immersive installation at Sundance New Frontier 2017 by Dandypunk, Darin Basile and Jo Cattell

There was an amazing projection mapped, immersive theater piece at Sundance this year by Heartcorps called “Riders of the Storyboard.”

Trained street performers interacted with a virtual projection-mapped 2D objects, and through the slight of hand of magic broke these flat objects into the third as glowing 3D props. There were 15 people packed into a small room with about half a dozen performers for a 13-minute show about a these 2D characters who interact with the performers who are playing Alchemy of Light gods in the third dimension. It was an awe-inspiring performance, and the projection mapping technology provided a shared augmented reality experience. Heartcorps is proving out some of the techniques with projection mapping technology that should also work really well in the future of live performance and immersive theater designed for augmented reality glasses.

Here the interview to dandypunk who talks about their process, ritual inspiration, and mixture of immersive theater and cutting-edge projection mapping. from the e-mag The voices od Virtual Reality:



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